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Thomas Pockett

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of careers

Mechanical Engineering
Job description
Mechanical engineers research, design and develop machinery and systems for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, transportation, processing and manufacturing. They also perform duties related to the evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers are employed by consulting firms, by power-generating utilities and in a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries, or they may be self-employed.
NOC code
Most mechanical engineers earn between $40,000 to $130,000 a year, depending on their experience and level of expertise.

Level 1
Title: Engineer-In-Training (EIT) or Member-In-Training (MIT)

Earnings: $40,000 to $60,000 a year

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related field

Responsibilities: Testing machines and consumer products; analyzing the results of those tests; helping senior-level mechanical engineers with the design of new machines.

Level 2
Title: Professional Engineer (P.Eng)

Earnings: $60,000 to $90,000 a year

- Several years of experience as an EIT or MIT
- Successful completion of the P.Eng licensing exam
- Possibly a master’s degree in a specialized area of mechanical engineering

Responsibilities: Thinking up new ideas for machines and processes; designing new machines; overseeing the work of junior designers.
Level 3
Title: Supervisor

Earnings: $85,000 to $130,000 a year

• Several years of experience as a mechanical engineer
• Possibly further education in business administration

Responsibilities: Coordinating projects; contributing to new designs; managing other engineers; setting schedules; handling administrative duties.
Level 4
Title: Engineering Manager

Earnings: $90,000 to $150,000 a year

• Many years of experience as a mechanical engineer
• Possibly further education in business administration and/or management

Responsibilities: Working on strategic development; evaluating new design concepts; overseeing the activities of several different departments; budgeting; taking care of administrative duties.
Career Path
-Aerospace Engineer
-Agricultural Engineer
-Biomedical Engineer
-Chemical Engineer
-Civil Engineer
-Computer Hardware Engineer
-Electrical Engineer
-Electronics Engineer
-Environmental Engineer
-Industrial Engineer
-Materials / Metallurgical Engineer
-Mechanical Engineering Tech
-Military Engineer
-Mining Engineering Tech
-Nuclear Engineer
-Petroleum Engineer

Related Careers
Job prospects in this occupation are good. With growing industries mechanical engineers are needed.
Job prospects

- Usually work regular business hours but may be required to work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines
- Work in workshops, factories, offices and on building sites
- may work around heavy machinery, at heights, or in noisy dirty conditions
- may have to travel between sites locally or supervise projects overseas.

Working Conditions
High school students interested in pursuing a career in mechanical engineering should take courses in Math, Science, and English.

A Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is usually the minimum educational requirement to work in this field. However, a degree in a closely related occupation, such as Electrical Engineering, may be acceptable as well. A Master’s Degree or a PhD may be required for more senior positions or for advanced research and development jobs.

Bachelor’s Degree programs take 4 years to complete. Master’s Degrees usually take about 1 or 2 years more, and then PhDs take 4 or 5 more years after that.

In university, mechanical engineering students are introduced to the subjects that are central to their field of study. This includes courses in subjects such as Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Materials Science. As their education progresses, students usually focus on the area that interests them most.

Once they have completed a Bachelor’s Degree and acquired several years of work experience under the supervision of Senior Engineers, Mechanical Engineers are eligible to write the exam necessary to become Professional Engineers (P.Engs).
Education and training

- Able to solve problems using both logical and creative approaches

- Numerate and computer skills

- Excellent skills of analysis

- Able to plan and prioritize, work to deadlines and work well under pressure

- Cost/value- aware of the necessary social, cultural, environmental, health and safety, and wider professional responsibilities

- Capable of careful attention to detail, exercising good judgement and accepting responsibility

- Able to communicate with others and work with groups.

required skills and abilities
Job growth in this occupation is based primarily on the trends affecting the manufacturing sector. Considering that a majority of mechanical engineering contracts for offices of engineers and for construction contractors originate in the manufacturing sector, about three quarters of the jobs in this occupation can be seen to be related to this sector.
Safety and WHMIS
High five principles
Change is constant- With the changing industrial needs the work mechanical engineers are going to be developing will change.

Learning is ongoing- With changing technology, every few years a mechanical engineer will need to learn new skills and techniques yet to be developed but needed to work in this occupation.

Focus on the journey- Mechanical engineers should take any job change they get because it could work out in the end. With a need for mechanical engineers if you do not enjoy your placement you could change to some new placement easily.

Access your allies- Going through university I hope to become friends with my professors. These professors hopefully have connections in mechanical engineering that could help me get a good placement

Follow your heart- Mechanical engineering has been the career I want to work in for many years.
Hans J.P. von Ohain- Invented the jet engine in 1939.

Rudolf Diesel- Invented the Diesel engine in 1898.

Henry Ford- Invented the moving belt assembly line in 1911.
Notable People in Mechanical Engineering
personal profile
Short term- Graduate high school with honours and get into the university of my choice.

Long term- Graduate university with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering and get a job at a good placement.
Definition of success
Success is working to complete all
the life goals you have set for yourself and finding happiness in your personal relationships.
Why this career is a good fit for me
I'm have some skill at operating equipment and machines, using computers, designing, and planning.
Why this career is not a good fiT for me
I'm sometimes not very good at explaining, record keeping, advanced computing, and presenting ideas and information in writing.
Thomas Pockett
162 Main Street
Dashwood, ON N0M-1N0

Personal Profile
-I am honest and hard-working, patient and easy to get along with so I work well in a team.
-I am respectful, courteous and friendly and learn new skills quickly.
-I enjoy new challenges and seeing mechanical problems solved.

Employment History
- Southwest Marine Services - June 2005 – Present
~ Shop help
- Huron County Playhouse - May 2007 - August 2008
~ Usher
- Hayter’s Turkey Produces – November 2011 – December 2011 – Christmas kill
~ Kill clean up

Volunteer Experience
- 1st Zurich Beavers Colony
~ Leader
- Grandbend Motorplex
~ Bleacher clean up
- Zurich Bean Festival
- Huron County Playhouse
~ Usher
-Completing Grade 10 – South Huron District High School

Accomplishments and Awards
-Chief Scout Award
-Standard 1st Aid Training is completed.

- Mechanics
- Repairing things
- Learning how different things operate
- Sports
- Music (Member of the SHDHS Senior Band)

life Implication
Mechanical engineering is a good career for me because I enjoy working with machines and would be happy designing and repairing them.
Future plans
Age 25- Just successfully competed my Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am looking for a job to begin my career as a Mechanical Engineer.

Age 45- Just got promoted to Mechanical Engineer Supervisor at my company. I'm married and have kids.

Age 65- I have been retired for five years from my Senior Mechanical Engineering position. Just started traveling the world.
My Interests and Skills
- Mechanics
- Repairing things
- Learning how different things operate
- Sports
Mechanical engineering co-ops are available for engineering students still in school and programs are offered to engineering students after they get their degrees before they enter the work force to gain experience.
Depending on the placement that is assigned to a mechanical engineer there could be many different WHMIS precautions needed to be taken.





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