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No description

Naomi Swyers

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of ZENTANGLES

What is a Zentangle?
A zentangle is a controlled doodle that uses line and pattern
No worries, it's actually quite simple
But I cant draw...
you start with a box
then add some lines
add a pattern
and some different patterns
all done!
RELAX! don't think too hard!
While you are working remember:
It is called a ZENtangle because while you are drawing you can relieve stress and let your mind wander
the more you doodle the more zen you will feel :)
pick up your pencil
look at patterns for guidance and inspiration
start drawing
don't give up!
Ok, I'm ready. How do I get started?
Today's assignment:
-one practice square

Watch the video
and learn about
the inventors.
just a few lines create an awesome pattern
Don't worry about mistakes ( they can become a new pattern)
Try to use as many different patterns as you can
You can shade the patterns to create depth

Criteria for your Zentangle
Must use the majority of the page
Must touch all four sides and corners
Must have patterns
Must NOT be representational, must be ABSTRACT,
Must demonstrate at least 3 different pattern areas
Must be completed in ink-dark blue or black
(may have added color later on)
Must be creative, original, and stand alone as a work of art
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