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The SGM is the foundation of MindWing's cognitive-linguistic methodology.

Michelle Lazerwitz

on 4 January 2013

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STORY GRAMMAR MARKER The Story Grammar Marker Kit uses manipulative tools and resources that help students in grades two through six develop reading, writing and speaking skills vital for academic and social success. Benefits:

Works with any existing program or reading series.
Icon-based developmental writing maps that connect language to literacy.
Fosters modeling and guided practice.
Helps students to internalize, talk about, and write abstract narrative structures developmentally.
Organizes classroom and small group discussions. Character : Who The icon represents a person, animal, or other being. Setting: Where? The star was chosen as the icon for the Setting because sailors, when they're lost at night, look at the Stars to determine their location and direction. The Star is a good center for a semantic map or web. Initiating Event: what? The shoe was chosen by students themselves, because the initiating event is the "kick-off" of the story, just as the "kick-off" is the beginning of a football game. Internal Response: how? The heart represents the Feelings a Character has in response to the Initiating Event. http://www.4gaslps.com/Braidy_page.html Braidy Page: The website above has great tools, references, lessons, materials and explanations. The Story Grammar Maker could also be used for conflict resolution; Social Delays:
Think Autism?
Behavior Difficulties?
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