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zayn malik

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Transcript of zayn malik

ZAYN MALIK BABY MALIK LIFETIME ACCOMPLISHMENTS/MAJOR EVENTS IN LIFE Zayn was born on January 12th 1993 at 10:00 am at St.Lukes hospital. He was born to Yaser Malik (father) and Trica Malik (mother). As a child he always dreamt of becoming a singer. Zayn was very hyperactive as a child and was often locked up in his stroller. He was very independent and reserved. Zayn is an irish/English/Asian mix! Before the X-factor Zayn was in high school studying to become a English teacher, he was always really good at English and reading. When he was younger (about 8 years old) his reading level was the same as an 18 years old. He was rally into drama at school and landed the lead role in Grease he also played Bugsy in Bugsy Malone. BEFORE THE X-FACTOR/TEEN YEARS Zayn was born in a large family with 1 older sister, Donyia (21) and two younger one's waliyah (14) and safaa (10). His mother Trica is British/irish and his father Yaser is muslim. He also has loads of cousins and they are all very close. While he was in the x-factor his grandfather Walter passed away, Zayn and his grandfather were really close. So when he found out he was really devastated. according to Zayn Walter had been ill for a while and he'd had a few strokes so it was best in some ways. MALIK FAMILY! X-FACTOR 2010:
-Getting put into 1Direction
-winning 3rd place in the X-factor
-Getting sighed to sYCO
-Best new group
-best new song
-best fans
-WMYB become #1 with in one day on itunes chart
-Biggest UK/ireland act
-MTV artist of the year
-UP ALL NIGHT became the first
-BRIT award for best single
-1D gor made into wax figures in Madame Tussaud wax figure house
-BRIT award for Global success
-2 kca's Zayn first the application form when he was 15, but chickened out and didn't fill it in. He did the same thing the following year, but when he was 17 and the form can through he filled it out! When the day of audition arrived he decided that he didn't want to go and it was his mom that told he had to go.
for his audition he sang Mario "Let me love you.'' His x-factor number was 165616 He didnt get through to judges house but simon put him Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall in a band and they ended up becoming ONE DIRECTION and winning 3rd place.

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