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Developing Literacy in English

EDU 342- Adapted from Class Readings

Robert Bardach

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Developing Literacy in English

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli EDU 342 Developing Literacy in English Key Issues English with its idoms, figurative language, imagery, and symbolism can present challenges for ELL's
Language Arts = reading, writing, listening, speaking, AND viewing, and representing.
Develop literacy practices to be used in and out of school.
Development form learning to read into reading to learn.
Must be varied. Effective Literacy Practices
for ELL's in the Elementary
Grades Effective literacy will depend on the individualized environment comprised of learner, teacher, school, community, and curriculum. Prereading Strategies Prereading activities allow students to build on already existing backgorund knowledge and feel a strong sense of ownership with the curriculum. These amy include:
Anticipation guides
Discussion of critical terms/concepts
Establishing a purpose
Field Trips
Graphic Organizers
Making Predictions Key Elements for Improving
Adolescent Literacy Movement away from reading comprehension to reading for knowledge.
Literacy to develop methods of thinking
Becomes more evident as students progress forward through school
Creates difficulties for ELL's.
Why might an ELL student struggle more in their Language Arts class if they are older at the time of transition? The Language of
English Language Arts ELL's face a challenging task. They must try to learn the academic language in the classroom while still remaining on task with the content delivery. Potential Challenges English language structures
ELL's may not have a literacy background
Issues with drawing conclusions, analyzing characters, and predicting outcomes.
Usage of different regional and time based dialect. Key Elements for Improving
Literacy for Elementary ELL's Theoretical Orientation
Language rich environment
Meaningful literacy
Culturally relevant literacy
Additive perspectives on language
Emphasis on academic language Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers Basic and foundational components of text interaction
Based primarily on interpretation of the written text.
Strategies include:
Choral Reading
Guided Reading
Literature circles
Reader's Theater
Story Mapping Reading Strategies for Intermediate
Readers Effective Reading Instruction for ELL's Direct and explicit comprehension instruction
Diverse texts
Cross curricular integration
Intensive writing instruction
Self-directed learning
Ongoing formative assessment
Strategic tutoring
Use of Technology
Text based collaborative learning Effective Writing Instruction for ELL's Collaborative Writing
Inquiry activities
Teach Prewriting skills
Process writing approach
Specific product goals
Study of models
Development of word processing skills
Writing across the curriculum
Strategies to plan, revise, and edit their work Vocabulary General Academic Vocabulary? (What is a king?)
Specialized Academic Vocabulary? (What is "predetermination" of royalty?)
Technical Academic Vocabulary? (Why was there such conflict between the King and the Catholic Church? Cognitive Mapping
Directed reading-thinking activity
Student conferencing
Logs and Journals
Think alouds
Tableau Activity Creating a Tableau A method to allow students to connect to a text on multiple levels.
Students create a frozen scene depicting a reading passage.
The rest of the class "walks-through" the tableau.
Not simply based on characters. Tableux Excercise Little Miss Muffitt
Sat on her tuffit
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider,
and sad down beside her,
and frightened Ms. Tuffit away.
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