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District Snapshot Visit Timeline

No description

Sean Marcoulides

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of District Snapshot Visit Timeline

Interviews Principal Interviews Lunch/Data Entry/Check-In Document Review General Observations Recommendations Team Debrief Day 1 Day 2 Brief Team Org Meeting Interviews Lunch/Data Entry/Check-In Team Debrief At the beginning of the day, the team will meet at a central location and prepare. Once the team is dispersed the team lead will begin the Superintendent interview. Typically one team member will be interviewing and scribing the interviewee's responses. Each interview should last no longer than 90 minutes in length. Interviews may include any district leadership role, a sample of campus administrators, and a community forum held in the evening of Day 1. Superintendent Community Forum Principal interviews will be conducted at the school where the principal resides. This assists in not disrupting the principal from their typical tasks. This also gives an opportunity for the team member to collect additional evidence of the campuses in the district. District Snapshot Visit Overview Follow-up QA Follow-up QA Typically team members provide their own lunch or purchase their lunch from a nearby venue. Your team leader will provide information regarding lunch arrangements. This time may also be used for data entry and interview editing. As observations and interviews continue, the team leader will monitor task completion. Team members share interview responses with one another. This is evidence you will collect in addition to interviewing. For example, evidence observed when arriving to a campus for a principal interview. . . or in your review of the District Improvement Plan. After all interviews are completed for the day, you will participate in a team debrief. Here you will discuss each member's findings, compare notes, and collectively draw conclusions. The community forum is typically held in the evening of the first day. This interview is conducted by the team lead and one additional team member as a scribe. Community forum attendance may range from 2-60 participants. The district will provide additional on-site documents that the team will review based on their areas of specialization. Team member collaboration continues during lunch and check-ins. As more data is collected a more complete picture of the district comes into focus. http://www.123rf.com Operations Interview Principal Interviews District Improvement Plan More Prin
?'s More Op
?'s http://www.123rf.com As a result of team discussions (check-ins) that occur throughout the day, additional questions may emerge for team members to investigate through follow-up questions for previously interviewed individuals. Interviews continue during the morning of Day 2. Enter recommendations based on your evidence and experience regarding the district's needs. Curriculum
should. . . The district's technology would benefit from. . . Finance needs. . . http://www.123rf.com http://www.123rf.com http://www.123rf.com After all interviews are completed, you will participate in a team debrief. Here you will discuss each members' findings and collectively draw conclusions. This assists the team leader in conducting the superintendent exit interview and completing the report. Associate Supt. At Risk/Title 1 Communications Curriculum ESL Family/Community Finance Operations Principal Special Education Superintendent Technology http://www.123rf.com http://www.123rf.com http://www.freedigitalprints.net http://www.freedigitalprints.net http://www.freedigitalprints.net http://www.freedigitalphotos.net http://www.freedigitalphotos.net Finance Community Forum Human Resources
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