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TLD Summit Opening

Susan Asiyanbi 2013

Internal Comms TFA

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of TLD Summit Opening

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

” A of our history, so we can look forward . shared understanding together PAST PRESENT FUTURE eaching

eadership T A L s data gains outcomes spirit soul the voices and stories of corps members & alumni MTLDs spirit & soul our core values transformational
change ? Am I making a difference? HOW? “I'm not trying to transform my students..." INNOVATIONS THE NEW NORMAL - people of color voting
- desegregated bathrooms
- tracking progress of students
- inclusion of children with disabilities "If I wasn’t transformational as a teacher, then how can I ask that of someone else..." "...do I balance the short and long term view given the urgency I feel to do it all? Chloe Cannon: Sue Lehmann TLD Leadership Journey Memphis & Jacksonville MPP Program "For us this looks like being able to spread experiences with our community members (kids, families, leaders from all sectors) throughout the summer institute. It also looks like us being able to make our Diversity curriculum specific to Memphis – based on the history and current reality of our city." South Dakota’s Community Investment Initiative "This year we have one full-time staff member devoted to community investment and next year this initiative will provide for two total staff members." Teaching As Leadership Culture People our priorities Students unleashing the fire that leads to them owning their destination The health of us as a corps and staff community is based on our clarity on the theory of change and the joy we see in the role we play in this work There is no history without the people that make it up. There is no strength in TLD and ability to build the momentum of a movement without our constituents, our students, our CMs, our alums….without YOU. ? Am I making a difference? "I want to say that my MTLD is absolutely amazing, and I would not have gotten through this year without her." "My MTLD deserves to be recognized for her outstanding commitment to her CMs and their students." "My MTLD has helped me to see the big picture with my students and what matters most to them and their futures." "I commend my MTLD for being so honest and critical." "My MTLD is my #1 supporter." I Susan Asiyanbi
EVP, Teacher Preparation, Support & Development MUST. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Corps Member Prework You We
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