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Last Book in the Universe

No description

Jacob Mata

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Last Book in the Universe

Quote #1
"So the deal is, I'm here to steal. Stealing is my job. Its how i stay alive. Either you pay tribute to the bangers, which means they get half of everything that sticks to your hand, or the bangers decide your no longer among the living."
(12) -Spaz
Quote #2
"Eat it come on it aint going to kill" and he kind of flinches and thats when i realized he has never had a chox bar, and he thinks its poison. I bit off a little peice and go "Mmmm good."
(13) -Spaz
Ryter is a writer. One of the last ones. He is considered a "gummy" because of his age, which is around sixty. He is the motivator, adviser, and teacher of Spaz on the journey.
Quote #2
"Nothing to fear but fear itself."
(214) -Ryter
Quote #1
"The epilepsy is part of what made you," he says "don't hate it."
(36) -Ryter
Quote #1
"Let me do the talking"
(117) - Lanaya
Quote #2
"I know exactly the man to see"
(119) - Lanaya
Compiled of perfected humans, Eden reigns over the territory. They hate "Normals" and will do anything to make sure things don't change.
Quote #2
"Look at them!" someone cries. "They're ugly! They're hideous! They're stupid! They're
(204) -Crowd
Quote #1
"Lanaya, you spoke well," she says "When you are a master, things may change. But for now the rule must stand. Eden shall be Eden. The masters have spoken."
(207) -Ryla
The Last Book in the Universe
Perfect in every way, Lanaya more or less picks up Spaz and his group, and then proceeds to push them all the way through their journey.
Spaz is a fifteen year old "Normal" boy, he trusts no one but himself, but he has a soft side. He works for a gang, and while on a job he meets a new friend who will help him on his journey.
Lotti is a powerful latchboss that will kill someone as soon as she lays eyes on them. She prevents Spaz and company from going any further until they do something for her.
Quote #2
"I, Lotti Getts, Queen of the Vandals, boss of the latch, task you with this. Find me the probe runner. Deliver the vermin into my hands, and Spaz may visit his wretched sister. That is my ruling."
(112) -Lotti
Quote #1
"Shut it!" Lotti shrieks "Do as I command, old man. Bring me the probe runner! Do it or die!"
(112) -Lotti
The group has been brought to the masters to "plead" their case. Only Lanaya may speak. Lanaya speaks well and makes a good case, however the masters remain unmoved and pass their judgement. The "normals" must leave Eden to return where they belong.
Thematic Connection
Spaz is trying to beat the unfair world. However, the unfair world gives an unfair ruling. Spaz must leave Eden and return to where he came from. He must also leave his sister. Every choice Spaz makes has a consequence. Because Spaz left the latch it cost him his friend, Ryter.
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