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Secrets: When Do I tell?

No description

Jessica Gambill

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Secrets: When Do I tell?

se·cret adjective \ˈsē-krət\
kept hidden from others : known to only a few people
:keeping information hidden from others
Why do people
Keep Secrets?

To protect someone's feelings
To plan a special surprise like a party or a gift
Because they feel threatened or fearful
Because of guilt, shame, or its just embarassing!
To avoid drama or "keep the peace"
Because someone asked them to.
Just for fun and games.
To avoid being labeled a "snitch"
Because its "nobody else's business"
to avoid getting into "trouble" or someone else into "trouble"
It was "just gossip" or not important.
Secrets can cause
stress to your mind & body.
I am planning
a surprise
for a friend.
I have a
huge crush
on Chris
My friend is
I cheated on last night's homework.
My mom
doesn't like my Friends' parents.
Sometimes secrets are so harmful that they should not be kept secrets.
Which secret should the girl report to a trusted adult?
Remember, there's a difference between REPORTING & being a "SNITCH."
If you report something potentially harmful...
Talk to a trusted adult if...
- Someone is hurting you.
- Someone is hurting themselves.
- Someone is plotting to hurt someone else.
- Someone is planning to do or doing something that will put you, themselves, or others in danger.

Secrets that shouldn't be Secrets:
"If a secret can hurt someone or something, tell an adult.
And If you're not sure, tell."
*Hurting = Emotionally and/or physically
- To keep someone safe.
- Need help from an adult.
- Important
- Harmful or Dangerous
- Purposeful behaviors
- To get someone in trouble.
- You could have solved the problem.
- Unimportant
- Harmless
- Accidents
"If a secret can't hurt someone or something, keep it."
You are not a "snitch," but YOU ARE a caring person.
You are still trustworthy.
You are a good friend & a good person.

Presentation Prepared by Jessica Gambill, MSW
Secrets: When Do I Tell?
Figuring out the right thing to do isn't always easy.
Who is a trusted adult, anyway?
It's true that not every adult makes good choices and not all adults are trustworthy. So Who Can you trust with an important secret?

Generally, you can almost always...

Trust law enforcement. Police Officers aren't going to "get you" if you're trying to do the right thing. There is nothing scary about them! They are here to PROTECT you.
Trust teachers and school administration. They want you and your friends to be safe and happy so you can LEARN & be SUCCESSFUL in life.
Trust YOUR intuition. "Intuition is a feeling you get about a person, place, or situation that you can't quite explain. One of most important things your intuition does is warn you about danger and help protect you from it." Talk to an adult you are comfortable with, and when in doubt - get out.
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