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Copy of concept generation

Interdiciplinary Product Development - final project of group 3

tais di sciascio

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of Copy of concept generation

concept technology working principles product form step
Search Internally
Clarify the Problem
- understanding
- problem decomposition
- focus on critical subproblems
1 step
- classification tree
Explore Systematically
4 step
5 - constructive feedback
- prototypes
Reflect on the Solution and the Process
Search Externally
3 - lead users
- experts
- patents
- literature
- benchmarking
- individual
- group
2 step
how will the product
satisfy the customer needs? Develop concepts for a single device that allows firefighters to optimally extract people from car accidents, i.e. it should go trough metal, glass and plastic!
Clarify the Problem
step 1
Search Internally
step 2
Search Externally
step 3
Explore Systematically
step 4
Reflect on the Solution and the Process
step 5
Manufacturer: Zumro (Netherlands)
Design: VanBerlo strategy+design (Netherlands)
Product: Hydraulic rescue tool
Developmet: 2 years
Markets: Europe, America, Asia
Price: approx. 2000 euros Resqtec G2 Cutter - eliminate less promising approaches
- division of effort
- identify inappropriate focus
- refinement of problem decomposition
4 - forced associations
- further creative thinking
- combination table
Explore Systematically
aaawesome! Thank you for your attention!
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