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No description

Kevin Heer

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of "THE LAMP AT NOON"

The Climax of the story was when Ellen goes missing along with the baby and Paul has to go find them.
INCITING INCIDENT: When Paul comes home and Ellen wants to leave the farm and live in the town with her parents.

CONFLICT: External: Person VS. Society and Person VS. Nature

Ellen feels scared and wants Paul to come back.

Ellen complains to Paul about the poor living conditions and how bad it is for the baby.

Ellen says the crops won't grow, because farmer like Paul ruin the land.

FLASHBACK: Ellen remembers her fights with Paul and her youth.

Paul realizes his mistakes but now nothing can be done and he has too live with the consequences of his actions.

THEME:Isolation can cause loneliness and make you go crazy. Depression can make you do things you wouldn't normally do.
Paul finds his wife and baby after searching for awhile , but finds out his baby has died. He also finds Ellen not acting normal because she has gone a little crazy.

EPHIANY: When Paul finds the state of Ellen and his dead baby he realizes that Ellen was right all along and that he should have not been so stubborn.
P.O.V = Third person omniscient

SETTING = TIME: 1900-1950 During the great depression

PLACE:Small farm in the prairies

MOOD:Depressing, Tired , Isolated

ATMOSPHERE:Restricted, Gloomy

CHARACTERS: Protagonist: The family (Paul, Ellen, Baby)
Antagonist: Society and it's social rules.
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