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Daniel Carlson

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of dogs

By Mikayla Cohen
Are dogs famous because they saved someones life? Yes dogs are famous because they saved someones life. One dog saved people from pirates and another saved a drowning man from Hurricane Katrina. In their honor I would like to name the 25 herioc dogs. Katrina,Maya,Brutis,Zoey,Shana,Moti, Hero,Napoleon,Eve, Ginny,Trakr, Shelby, Rocky, Blue, Patty, Neo, Kankuntu,Honey, Junior,Belle, Toby,Nyla,Roselle, Nellie, and Kaze.
Are Dogs Famous because they Saved Someones Life?
Yes, they are. Dogs been on numerous TV shows and movies . Dogs make it more entertaining . Some examples are:
Dog with a Blog (Stan)
Full House (Comet)
Old Yeller ( Old Yeller)
Marley and Me ( Marley )
I am Legend ( Sam )
There are many more but getting back to the point dogs are famous on TV shows and movies.
Are Dogs Famous on TV shows and movies?
How Famous are Dogs? ;)
Are Dogs Famous in the newspaper?
Are dogs famous in the newspaper? Yes, they are. From beauty pagents for dogs to contests you might've seen your dog in the newspaper. Or your dog could've done a good deed to get them in the newspaper.
Dogs have been around for more than 14,000 years! They are believed that their ancestors are the wolves. They have cute wet noses and a wagging tail. They truly are man's best friend.

Google (for the pictures)
The time has come that we need to say goodbye. Your dog may not be famous but they'll still be adorable. From tiny to HUGE they'll always be your best friend. Remember dogs love you more than himself!
Are dogs famous for doing commercials?

Of course they make you want to bye whatever the commercial is selling! From dog food to a new toy to treats dogs LOVE to be in commercials. What can they say they like the attention.
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