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By Mia, Hannah, and Molly

Hannah Habiger

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Transcendentalism

Transcendentalism Nonconformity Free Thought Self-reliance Confidence Importance of Nature This shows importance in nature through what nature can do to you. It means that by connecting with nature and becoming closer you, in return, understand more about yourself and the world. It shows the importance of nature because to understand things better, you need to discover nature and connect with it. This shows the importance of nature through what it brings to people. This quote means that if we can discover the secrets of nature we will achieve aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and spiritual satisfaction. In order to gain these secrets, however, you need to look deeper into nature like the other quote says and connect with it. To achieve that satisfaction you also need to be open to new things that nature holds. This comic shows how we do not appreciate the importance of nature. It shows that for a long time we have mistreated nature and misjudged her importance. Without nature we cannot reflect upon ourselves in a peaceful environment and discover more. It also shows how Mother Nature is suffering from our neglect and mistreating. We aren’t protecting the wonder of the world, which is nature. It is the opposite of expressing the importance of nature. This is an example of not appreciating nature. Nature holds many secrets that help unlock secrets about yourself and help you understand everything better. In order to find out those secrets you need to be free from distractions while in nature. This comic shows what people think they are going to do, but it doesn’t actually happen. They didn’t enjoy the wonders of nature but simply sat there distracted not gaining anything. This book shows the struggles and dangers of nature. In this book a tiny seed battles obstacles while trying to grow. It travels adrift by the wind until it finally lands and begins to grow. Along the way the other seeds are eaten, fall into the ocean, and their flowers are picked. This shows how beautiful and magical nature is and how difficult it is. It also shows some of the negative affects that take place by humans and animals when we mean no harm. It shows how nature and flowers happen. This book shows appreciation for animals and when they were created. It helps kids understand animals and nature and learn about them. This is showing the importance of nature by introducing new animals to young children. It helps them learn about animals and their habitats and appreciate them. This song shows that the artist loves the person he is singing this to. By expressing that he is saying how great nature is and how amazing it can be, but he is saying that the person he loves is better. It is saying a lot about the person because is describing the nature around him and saying how great Mother Nature is. Also he is saying that he needs that person and saying what parts of nature need each other the same way. This song represents nature’s importance. It is saying that nature knows best and has a good path. Without nature you don’t know when something is wrong. The song is showing how important nature can be and that you have to listen to it and understand. You also have to connect to it to understand its message and let it be able to tell you when something is wrong. This quote represents nonconformity because it says to be yourself. You do not want to fit in to the crowd because you were born to be you. Nonconformity is all about being yourself and not just doing what others do. That is why standing out instead of doing what everyone else does reflects nonconformity. This quote shows nonconformity because it is saying to do what you feel. You do not have to do anything if you don’t want to. You can not be forced to do anything because other’s opinions of you should not matter. You just need to be yourself and do what you want opposed to doing what other’s want you to do. You should not conform or give in to the pressures of society, you just need to do what you want. This comic is an example of nonconformity because Hobbes does not greet Calvin the usual way. Instead of just saying hello and maybe giving him a hug when he gets home from school Hobbes tackles him. Calvin says that he wishes he could just give something normal, like an I missed you card, but Hobbes would rather do what he finds fun. He doesn’t care about what everyone else does, but he just gives the greeting he wants regardless of what others say. This comic demonstrates nonconformity because everybody is wearing a chicken hat except for the man in the front. Everybody is staring at him, but he refuses to give in and continues to go happily on his own. He refuses to conform with everyone else by wearing a chicken hat, and that is basically what nonconformity is. Doing what you want, even if everybody else is doing something else. “American Idiot” by Green Day describes how our country has become controlled by media. America is full of “idiots” because nobody speaks for himself or herself, and everybody just believes everything they hear. The media has taken over the country. This shows nonconformity because Green Day doesn’t want to be like everyone else. The band wants to stay away from the media and believe what they want, even though nobody else is. The song “I Look so Good” by Jessie James shows self reliance because she is saying that without him she is a better person, and that on her own she can shine more. This song shows that when you be who you are and not someone somebody else wants you to be you are a better person. This shows that when you rely on yourself to choose who you are and who you want to be you end up better off because you aren’t just being what someone else wants you be. This is pretty much the definition of self-reliance because she is saying that she doesn’t need him to be the best she can be. Stephanie’s ponytail by Robert N. Munsch is an example of nonconformity because Stephanie is a huge nonconformist. She wears her hair differently from everyone else, and then the next day they copy her. This happens multiple times in the book because Stephanie wants to stand out. She doesn’t want to have the same hairstyle as the rest of the girls, but they keep copying her. Because Stephanie goes her own way and is different from everybody else, this book shows nonconformity. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins represents nonconformity because Katniss stands out from anybody else. She goes against the capitol by breaking their rules and refusing to change herself for the games. Everybody wants her to change the way she acts and perform, but she refuses. The other tributes listen, but Katniss always stays true to herself. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is an example of free thought because Allie doesn’t listen to what society says. She comes from a rich family and has the choice to either marry the acceptable and rich Lon or the poor Noah that she loves. Her parents and her friends all expect her to marry someone of their class, but Allie decides to think for herself. She doesn’t listen to what others have to say and marries Noah. The Future We Left Behind by Mike Lancaster is an example of free thought because Peter and Alpha both ignore what society says. Peter is told to hate Alpha’s kind, but he becomes best friends with her. Both Peter and Alpha are told to believe everything they are taught and listen to their elders, but neither of them do. They both think for themselves and snoop around, regardless of what anybody tells them. “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry shows free thought because Katy Perry does what she wants. Even though society always says its bad to be gay or lesbian, she thinks for herself. Free thought is all about being yourself and thinking for yourself without letting other opinions sway you, and by kissing a girl that is what she does. “This Is Me” by Demi Lovato is an example of free thought because she sings about how she is now her own person. She says that she used to be that shy girl, but now she will be herself and think for herself. Demi Lovato finds herself, which is very important in Transcendentalism, and now she is going to do everything true to herself. For someone to have free thought they must be himself or herself, and that is what this song is about. This quote exhibits self-reliance because it is saying that it doesn’t matter what others think, you control what you do. You need to tell yourself you can do something not somebody else because it is effecting you, and you need to make your own choice. This quote is saying that whether you believe you can do something or not you are right because only what you think matter because you are choosing for yourself, and making your own decisions. This quote is an example of self reliance because it is saying that you don’t need anybody else to keep you from pursuing your dreams. The point this quote is making is the fact that you can make your dreams come true, and if someone gets in the way follow your own path. It is saying that you are great and you can do anything you set yourself up for. It says that you can rely on yourself even when other tell you you can’t. This comic shows the opposite of self-reliance because Snoopy thinks he can not be reliant on anyone, but the comic further shows that Snoopy clearly needs Charlie Brown to eat. Also this comic shows how Snoopy isn’t doing things for himself or being his own dog. He is controlled by Charlie Brown and receives everything from him. This comic shows how Snoopy can not be independent which is a necessity to being self-reliant. All By Myself by Mercer Mayer is an example of self-reliance because throughout the whole book the main character shows the reader all of the things he can do by himself without any help. He is showing that he can do al of these activities on his own. This is self reliance because doing something your own way without somebody else doing it with you or telling you what to do is how self reliance is defined. This is exactly what the main character does and he rely on nobody else when it comes to doing important things during the day. He does everything that needs to be done by himself which is a perfect example of self reliance. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick demonstrates self-reliance because Hugo lives alone in the machinery of the train station from a very young age. He has to find a way to get food and water, and he still has to work all of the clocks. Hugo has to rely only on himself for survival. Throughout the book he teaches himself new things, and continues to fix his fathers robot. Hugo shows many forms of self-reliance because he does things for himself, like live off what he has, try to figure out his father’s robot, and Hugo doesn’t depend on someone to get his work done for him or help him. He lives alone and depends only on himself. The song “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia shows self-reliance in a distinct way. These two artists sing about self-reliance because the lyrics talk about how even when someone knocks you down you can still get back up. It also talks about how no matter how much people can try to hurt you it doesn’t matter because if you think you are great the way you are then all of their bad comments will bounce right off of you. This song is saying that you only need yourself to get up and recover, and even when things are This quote shows confidence because it is saying that you should always show who you are, and be the best you can be because you are perfect the way you are. It is saying be confident in yourself, because you should never be embarrassed of your personality. It says that you need to be proud of who you are, and you have to show confidence in your every step. This quote represents confidence because it is pretty much the definition of confidence. It is saying that no matter how hard things may be you need to be confident in yourself. it also says that you are a great person, and you need to become that person, and no matter what have confidence in who you are. It s telling you that you have to aways believe in yourself because no one can bring you down. You can be anything you want and step over any obstacle.. The Little Engine That Could is a perfect example of confidence because the when The little Blue Engine wasn’t strong enough to take the loads of toys to the kids she tells herself that she can over and over again. The toys have confidence in her that she could do it, and she tells herself she can do it, and in the end she can. Both the toys and the engine are confident in her, and they know she can do it. Charlotte's Web is an example of confidence in literature because all of the animals and Charlotte are confident in the words Charlotte weaves into the webs that they will save Wilber from slaughter. They truly believe in Charlotte, and are sure they can save Wilber. They show confidence in Charlotte’s plan, and help her. Charlotte's Web is an example of confidence in literature because all of the animals and Charlotte are confident in the words Charlotte weaves into the webs that they will save Wilber from slaughter. They truly believe in Charlotte, and are sure they can save Wilber. They show confidence in Charlotte’s plan, and help her. The Charlie Brown Comic shows confidence because Snoopy believes that he will have a great title for his book. He is exhibiting confidence towards Charlie that he has an awesome title. He believes in himself, and he shows how he can do what ever he says he can do. Snoopy is confident that he will have a perfect title for his book, and his confidence never falters throughout the comic. In the Calvin and Hobbs comic, Calvin shows confidence when he tells his dad that he is absolutely positive that he will catch a tiger. Even when his dad doubts him, Calvin still has faith in himself and knows he will have a tiger. Throughout the whole comic Calvin displays how he is confident that he will catch a tiger today, and he doesn’t waver his view. He is confident in his actions and himself. The song “One Day” by Matisyahu shows confidence because it is saying that even when things take you down you have to get back up and keep fighting through them with confidence that you can overcome them. In the song the artist is also confident in another way. He is confident that we can change the world for the better, and that we can create a better place or our children. He shows confidence in humans, and believes in the fact that one day we can make the world a safer place. The song “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson represents confidence because she is telling you that even when things are bad you can always pull through. The lyrics are saying that you are still here so believe in yourself and do something good. Kelly Clarkson is displaying that just because the boy did something wrong towards her she knows she can still be a great person, and is confident in showing him she is just as good with out him. “Gotta go my own way” by Vanessa Hudgens represents nonconformity because she is doing what she believes is right. Instead of staying with Troy, Gabrielle knows that it would be better for her to leave and breakup with him. Everyone told her to stay and nobody else changed, but she knew she had to do things differently and went her own way. This quote is an example of free thought because it says to only think for yourself and let others do the same. You should think what you want and keep those opinions to yourself, or share them without trying to convince people to think the same way. Thinking what you want is a privilege, so you should not take that privilege away from others. Just let everyone think what they want, and that way there will be more free thought in the world. This quote reflects free thought because it tells you think for yourself. People renting space in your head means people are influencing all of your thoughts and decisions. Free thought is all about thinking for yourself regardless of what other people say. You cannot let peoples words persuade you, but you should hold your own and think only what you want. This comic shows how free thought has become very rare today, and it is the opposite of free thought. People are influenced by almost everything, especially the media. In this comic the woman is asking the man what she would rather be manipulated by, the right or left winged media. This says that you will not have a choice to think for yourself because our world has become so media filled. All information is passed through the TV, so everything you hear is just one person’s opinion on things. You will never be able to decide for yourself. This comic shows free thought because one person is different, and they are the genius. Each piece of art is just a drawing of circles in a square frame, but there is one drawing of a square in a circular frame. The man says that the square drawing is genius because it is different. The artist who drew the square was not influenced by the rest of the drawings, and the artist just did what they wanted. Emerson and Thoreau both said that the true geniuses think for themselves, and that is exactly what the square artist did. By.... Mia Randell Hannah Habiger Molly Caveney The End! This comic is the opposite of self reliance because it shows how all of the birds depend on Snoopy, and they can’t do anything on their own. They need Snoopy with them in order to explore. They can’t rely on their own instincts, and can’t be alone. They don’t know how to explore by themselves. This is the exact opposite because to be self reliant you need to do things on your own without help, and they can’t even muster the courage to be on their own.
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