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Bring Your Own Device

This is a presentation outlining effective practices and tools for employing student owned devices in the classroom.

Richard Perry

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Bring Your Own Device

What do you want to accomplish?
Start Small

Explain Everything
Remind -
QR Codes
QR codes are small codes that when scanned by a device will prompt that device to perform an action.

How to use them in the classroom?
Bring Your Own Device
Three Major Device Types:
Apple: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Android: Samsung, HTC, Amazon
Windows: Surface, Windows Phones
Computer literacy
Spanish Language
Don't let the devices dictate your lessons!
Some Apps work better on
one platform.
Don't be afraid to group
students by device.
iTune U -
Exclusively Apple platform
Allows group discussion
This Application used to be known as Remind 101
Web based with supporting iOS and Android Apps
Allows instructor to message, send documents, and get
real time feedback from students and parents.
Voice Tags
Secure communication
between teacher, students, and parents
Stamps: real time response from
students in class or parents.
Forward documents directly to an entire class or an individual student.
One of the most overlooked tools for the classroom!
Students can search for: current events, literary quote, articles for research, current world trends.
Interaction: create a class Twitter and students can respond to your questions and pose questions themselves.
Public relations
Share student work
Allows student feedback
Keep a record of class progress
Let parents into your classroom on your terms
Hint: Don't follow your students! Have your
account follow inspirational or safe sites.
Limitations: Android tablets and iPads. You can also download this App for Mac and Window's PCs
Screen casting: Students are able to write on a canvas of your design. Recording their ideas and though process as they complete the task.
Explain Everything
QR Codes
Leading students to a specific presentation,
YouTube video, or cloud file.
Guiding students to specific web sites.
Sending e-mails or tweets
Regardless of OS every phone has
HD camera built into it. Why not use
it for your classroom
Allows students to edit video on
their device.
Is supported by Apple and Android
Allows the user to import photos and video
Simple to use little to no learning curve
Limitation: iPad, iPhone, IPod Touch, and Mac
Very similar to Magistro: more options for video edits and sound tweeks.
Limitations: iPad, Chromebook, PC, or Mac.
Android and iPhone App in the next few months
Web based
Self contained within application
Videos can be shared with the rest of the class
at the teachers discretion
Great for peer review
Strict time limit forces students to be clear and concise
To try it scan this code:
Universal web based application
Instant student responses
Any web based device will support this chat
You can print out a transcript
Built in QR code creator
Chat can be preset to close
Join chat here:
Book Creator
Limitations: Ipad and Android tablet
Allows students to create books in
multiple formats.
Allows the incorporation of media
and web links.
Publishable to iTunes, Amazon, and
any website.
Pod casting
Bossjock - limited to iOS devices
Pocket cast for Android
Students can record and publish their own work.
Publishable on iTunes or websites
Skills learned: research, reading, writing for
a purpose, editing, and speaking.
How to start?
What do you want to do?
Be prepared for setbacks!
Universal App- works with all devices and platforms
Allows students to annotate directly
on photos, PDF, map, web page.
Allows the students to share their
Universal App- viewable on all devices with free App.
Allows the students to simply create
and view presentations
Presentation creation on iPad, Chrome book, PC and Mac
Cons: Free for initial month, and basic plan. $59 dollars a year EDU account
Creative Book Builder
Multiple platform

Student or teacher created texts

Incorporation of text, photos, audio and video.

Publishable on multiple platforms
Limitations: iPad and PC
Allows students to produce complex video, without a large learning curve
Allows the incorporation of media
and web links.
Limited video length 5 minute. Publishable to Youtube
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