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Dr. Who

943 years of "I'm the Doctor"

Kelsey Woodward

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Who

I know what you're thinking, What is this show that has geeks around the world celebrating? It is simply a show about an alien....who is 943 years old.....and he "regenerates" bodies when he is mortally wounded.....who goes by the name "The Doctor"......and he has a TARDIS What is it?? Time And Relative Dimensions In Space What in the world is a TARDIS? What do you mean he regenerates? Whenever he is hurt his body repairs itself and he looks completely different. CATCH: he can only do this 13 different times, when that is up, he really dies. Right now he is on number 11.... Ok...I know WHO he is, but WHAT is he? The Doctors Companions What you need to know in order to become a "Whovian" Dr. Who The TARDIS is the Doctor's Space/Time machine and it is the last one in existence. It is also in the shape of a "Police Box" from the 1950's. Fun Fact: It's bigger on the inside.... The best known ones..... 9th Christopher Eccleston 10th (My favorite) David Tennant 11th Matt Smith He is a 943 year Timelord from the imaginary planet Gallifrey The doctor never travels alone, he always has at least one person traveling with him at a time. Rose Tyler Martha Jones Donna Noble Amy Pond The first companion of the 9th doctor who also countinued on for the 10th doctor A companion of the 10th doctor. Last companion of the 10th doctor First companion of the 11th doctor The Bad Guys Like in every TV show there are the bad guys.... Dalek Weeping Angels The Silence "Exterminate" "Don't Blink" Remember me...I think not What does he do? He travels time and space with his companions and fights monsters and saves people. He also has good catch phrases like.... Allons-y! Fish Fingers and Custard It's a bowtie. Bowties are cool! I'm the Doctor basically...RUN! Cybermen Delete, Delete, Delete
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