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Roniel R.

No description

Bianca Gatto

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Roniel R.

Food/ Hunting
The Eastern Woodlands South west
The Eastern woodlands Southwest
The Eastern woodland South west
Comparing and Contrasting the Eastern wood lands
Wood was used for shelter
use wood for hand moale
tools long houses deer walls
Hogans clay bricks called
adobe buils in cliffs

Used buffaloalnd deer meat
buffaloalnd deer meat buffalo
hanled by yelling and corner
plums hunt gather fram
where soilwas bed food
Deer hunting
fish tree-cherpies plums hunt
gather farm where soil was bad food deer hunting
They uesdtools used skin
clothing shelter shelter
shields,drums and horns
cups spoons and Bones tools
Horns cups spoons and Bones toole
,arrowheads, pipes
tey use wood for tools carved weapons animal skin for cloing moccas ins ir oguois Algonguian
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