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Happy 14th Birthday

No description

Kiyo Tan

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Happy 14th Birthday

Happy 14th Birthday! Born on 6th April, 1999
Just a few months old... Tokyo, Japan 2012 remember this? I couldn't find the "mesmerized by sushi" picture... remember that night? Minnie mouse a little confused after a long day at Disneyland you took this picture... what are you looking for? yup, we were homeless... :P but that was in... next stop... Istanbul, Turkey, 2012 at the Grand Bazaar what happens when you eat too many chestnuts in the winter... Day 2, eating grilled fish in a pub, with bread and do you remember where we went next? I think you recall it now... Day 3, "Doomsday" (it snowed) streetphotography so many failed attempts... guess who was behind the camera... you know how to pose for the camera don't you? I took that for you but... what were you trying to do? after a long day of shopping... delicious wasn't it? you lost your ticket... the next day... a million pigeons... "eye liner dude" yummy! almost forgot this one... end of that day... peek-a-boo, you look like a character from a cartoon... a few random ones... this guy told us to come in and spend more than a 100 liras on snacks... how did it taste? you seem to enjoy yourself, but look at the person in the background at Topkapi palace, remember "babble wrap"? boredom in the museum... that's not all, but enough for now... end of... hahaha!!! Jeddah, KSA, 2012 at the fish farm... next stop... just ignore the background... your private resort... like a boss... crazy things you do the cat didn't like it when you poked its head what we did when we were late... sorry, that's all I can upload to Prezi... Happy Birthday! :D
-Kiyo :) See you in Summer 2013! The End
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