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Scientific Revolution

Explores the reason for the scientific revolution and the key players of the movement.

Bryon Cecil

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Scientific Revolution

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Scientific Revolution What was Science like during the Middle Ages? Few questioned old ideas
Followed ancient Greeks and Roman ideas
Or what was said in the bible. 3 reasons why Scientific Revolution begin? New focus on experimentation
Willingness to question old beliefs
European exploration Nicholas Copernicus Mathematician
Geocentric too complicated
Sun is the center
Moon revolves around Earth
Earth rotates on an axis Galileo Galilei 1st to use telescope Scientific Method Issac Newton law of gravity
same force ruled the motion of the planets and the action of water Ptolemy Earth is center of universe
Planets & Suns on a fixed rotation
Heaven is on the outside Geocentric Heaven Exploration caused the change because many explorers saw new plants and animals never seen by ancient writers The first challenge came in the area of astronomy Feared that his beliefs would upset others so he didn’t publish findings until just before his death Johannes Kepler Confirmed heliocentric model
Used Mathematics
also... Planets orbits are elliptical (egg-shaped) Found out
Jupiter had moons
Sun had spots
Moon was rough Why does this even matter? All planets were composed of materials just like Earth. Findings went against the church
Galileo made the heavens a world of matter
Forced to recant his views but...
his ideas spead What is the Scientific Method? 1. Ask a question based on what they observe 2. Form a hypothesis 3. Test the hypothesis 4. Change the hypothesis if needed Francis Bacon
(Writer) Creator Rene Descartes
(Math & Logic) Contributer I think, therefore I am I think, therefore I am Everything made of four elements EARTH FIRE WATER AIR
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