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Acid Indigestion Exit Project

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nicole elyukin

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Acid Indigestion Exit Project

By Nicole Elyukin Acid Indigestion This presentation is about my year long
project, studying Acid Indigestion. The goal of my
project was to answer the question, "How do the
agents added to the solution affect the speed at
which the solution gets buffered?" In order to completely understand the task I was trying to complete (or the question I was trying to answer) I first had to do a lot of
research. After I was done with my basic research/
background information I set up and carried out my
experiment and collected data from it to form a
conclusion. The rest of the presentation shows
how,using the research and data I gathered,
I was able to answer this question. Pictures Of Experiment The averages of the two data sets show that Aspirin has more acid than buffered aspirin because it took longer to turn plain aspirin basic than it did to turn buffered aspirin. People might want to use buffered aspirin instead of plain aspirin because the plain aspirin might cause them to get an unbalanced pH in their stomach. What the Data Shows: Real World Connection Acid Indigestion This Experiment really connects to the real world because so many
people in the world use aspirin and buffered aspirin and it is important to
know which is better to use for you and why. For Example According to
stablemade.com “Many people find that they can take Buffered Aspirin but not regular
Aspirin. The addition of antacids to Aspirin can be important to patients who must take
large doses of Aspirin for chronic arthritis or other conditions. In many cases, Aspirin is the
only effective drug and it can be tolerated only with the antacids present.”This shows that many people need aspirin but it is too acidic for their stomach unless antacids are present which is Buffered Aspirin. Also according to a statistical brief by the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) in 2005, almost one-fifth (19.3 percent) of U.S. adults (about 43 million) reported taking aspirin every day or every other day; more than half (53.9 percent) of those who were ever told by a doctor that they have indicators of heart disease reported taking Aspirin every day or every
other day as compared with those who were never told by a doctor that they had indicators of
heart disease (14.8 percent). This shows how many people are told by a doctor that they need
aspirin and also shows the importance of this experiment because if many many people use
a lot of Aspirin in there lives, it may be that it adds too much acid to their stomach and
causes acid indigestion; however if they use Buffered Aspirin, that may solve their
issues. An Idea for a future experiment is to see how the difference in
Aspirin and Buffered Aspirin effect different demographics
(such as different genders, different ages, etc.) Average Data Basic Works Cited
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MLA formatting by BibMe.org. Question: How do the agents added to the solution affect the speed at which the solution gets buffered?
My hypothesis to this question was that if it takes less drops to buffer the solution, than the buffering agent or antacid is better because it will buffer the solution faster.
Buffers help balance out the pH level when the solution is too basic or acidic. Antacids are medicines that quickly relieve symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.
Independent: Antacid or buffering agent added to the solution
Dependent: How fast the solution is buffered
Controlled: Original solution, container, amount of water, environment, mixers

The basic procedure for part 1 was to make 2 different solutions, one with Antacid A and the other with Antacid B and to see how many drops of HCl (hydrochloric acid) were needed to turn the solution acidic. The basic procedure for part 2 was to make 1 solution using Aspirin and another using Buffered Aspirin and to see how many drops of NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) were needed to turn each solution basic. Antacid A Antacid B Basic 5 9.5 Made Solution Basic
/Acidic/ Neutral # of Drops of HCI Needed to make Solution Acidic Acidic Plain Aspirin Buffered Aspirin Acidic 14.5 6.5 Made Solution Basic
/Acidic/ Neutral # of Drops of NaOH Needed to make Solution Basic Part 1- Antacids: Part 2- Aspirin:The chemical name for aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid.
Some aspirin preparations are buffered, that is, the aspirin is combined
with a base to shield it against acidity. This table shows how Aspirin adds more acid to the stomach than Buffered
Aspirin.People might prefer Buffered Aspirin to avoid acid indigestion. (using Both Data sets) For Part 1, on average, 5 drops of HCl were required to turn the solution with Antacid A acidic and on average 9.5 drops to turn the solution with Antacid B acidic.
This means that it was quicker to turn Antacid A acidic and that the best remedy for acid indigestion would be Antacid B because it takes a lot more acid to turn the solution acidic. Average Data (using Both Data sets) The Kit. Phenol Red is in my hand. Hydrochloric Acid My Conclusion: Buffered Aspirin works faster to buffer the solution and is better to use than regular Aspirin in cases where the solution needs to be buffered without adding too much acid. The difference between Aspirin and Buffered Aspirin is that Buffered Aspirin contains antacids. The difference when you use it is that it won't add more acid to the stomach and won't cause acid indigestion. Aspirin is a very common drug used a lot in the real world and this experiment shows people that if they have a sensitive stomach or their stomach doesn’t take acids well, it would be better for them to use buffered aspirin. It also just shows people in general the differences of Aspirin and Buffered Aspirin so that they know and can decide what they rather put in their bodies.
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