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Copy of Basic 2 - Possessive Nouns and Family

No description

Augusto Casablanca

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Basic 2 - Possessive Nouns and Family

►* Bart is
Lisa’s brother
►* Jackie is
Clancy’s wife
Maggie’s parents’ names
are Homer and Marge.
*►Selma has one daughter.
Her daughter’s name
is Ling.
Now answer in pairs:
* What’s your father’s father’s name?
* His name is Julio

* What are your parents’ names?
* Their names are Guillermo and Valentina.

*►What are your brothers’ and sisters’ names?
* Their names are David, Cesar and Saul

Possessive Nouns and Family

It is a diagram that represents your immediate and extended family in a tree structure.
What is a FAMILY TREE?
Their names are
Leonardo and Sam

Plural Noun (’)
* My brothers’ names are Leonardo and Sam.
Their teacher is
sick today.
Irregular Plural (’s)
* The children’s teacher is sick today.
The cats’ (Plural nouns)
These people’s (Irregular plural)
Jose Antonio’s (Singular noun)
My feet’s (Irregular plural)
The boys’ (Plural noun)
*My brother →
*The boys →
*My feet →
*Jose Antonio →
*These people →
*The cats
*The men
*The children →

My brother’s (Singular noun)
In pair, Write ('s) or (')
* What is the woman’s name?
What is her name?
His dad is a teacher.
Singular Nouns (’s)
* Pedro’s dad is a teacher.
The men's (Irregular Plural)
The children's (Irregular Plural)
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