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The Call of the Wild

No description

Jack Pingel

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of The Call of the Wild

There are many settings, but the main ones are the Forest, Dyea Canyon and John Thornton's camp.

There are many characters in The Call of the Wild, but here are some:
Buck (main) (dog)
Spitz (dog)
Sol-leks (dog)
John Thornton
Point of View/Theme
The POV is in 3rd person because a narrator who is not a character is telling the story.

The theme is escaping captivity because Buck was held captive throughout the story and desperately tried to escape and regain the freedom he used to have.
The Call of the Wild
Bookbeat by Jack Pingel

Dyea Canyon
Pg. x (Foreword)
"Two-mile Dyea Canyon, where the grade on occasion was eighteen degrees."

Chilkoot Pass is a path that goes through Dyea that prospectors had to travel through on foot.
The Call of the Wild
Buck: Buck is brave-Indirect
Spitz: Spitz is a fighter-Indirect
John Thornton: Thornton is kind-Indirect
Buck & Spitz
Pg. 42
Buck and Spitz are at it again, fighting once more--over a rabbit. They just ate, but are still hungry...
"Buck did not cry out...drove in upon Spitz...so hard he missed the throat...In a flash Buck knew it. The time had come. To the death."

Buck and Spitz have always been fierce enemies, but finally decided to come to the death. Buck then took over as the lead sled dog.
John Thornton
Thornton just rescued Buck from the devious sled-driver who struck him with a club after Buck was being stubborn.
Pg. 79-80
"This man had saved his life...And, when, released...laughing...John Thornton would...exclaim..."you can all but speak!'"

Thornton is a man desperately searching for gold.
Buck was stolen from his empty home when everyone was gone.
Inciting Incident
After being stolen, Buck was taken on a ship and experienced snow for the first time.
Rising Action
Buck becomes a sled dog, meets Spitz and becomes very brutal enemies with him.
In the fight over the rabbit, Buck defeats and kills Spitz.
Falling Action
Buck becomes lead sled dog, becomes stubborn because the dogs have been working nonstop and is rescued by John Thornton.
Buck was running away and coming back to Thornton's camp, killing game as he goes. He comes across a bull, taking four days to kill it. He came back from that, finding all three of Thornton's companion dogs, both of his friends, and John Thornton himself killed.
Somebody looking for minerals: somebody who explores an area in search of oil, gold, or other mineral deposits
pg. 46
"Sometimes he thought of...sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley."

The reason it is described as "sun-kissed" is because it is really off the coast of California, near San Jose.
Santa Clara Valley (Buck's Old Home)
Dog pulling sled: a dog trained to pull a sled, especially as part of a dog team
Sled Dog
Klondike Gold Rush
Between 1896 and 1899, gold was struck in northwestern Canada and brought around 100,000 prospectors to Canada.
AKA Yukon Gold Rush
Buck was stolen and, as a dog, was completely unaware of the situation. When he was let out, he completely went crazy as tried to escape.
Buck is now with a bunch of Huskies just like him, except some are more fierce than others.
Buck and Spitz start fighting more and more, with other dogs joining in. Once there was an all-out brawl, with all of the dogs involved.
This fight wasn't all about the rabbit, they were underfed, but Spitz was the leader. Buck killed Spitz for the rabbit and the title of leader.
John Thornton is a very kind man and treats Buck a lot better than the sled drivers.
They were killed by Indians. In retaliation, Buck ripped open the Chief's throat and started an "Indian massacre", a chain reaction killing many Indians. He found two wolves hiding in the woods and ran off with them.
Thanks for watching!
State or period of being captive: the state of being a prisoner, or a period of time that somebody is held prisoner
An example of 3rd person is when the characters are all named, and no "I" was used.

An example of theme is this sentence:
pg. 7
"for two days he neither ate nor drank, and during those two days and nights of torment..."
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