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Unreal Conditional Structures

Unit 8 - Level 8 - Iteso

Martha Cabrera

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Unreal Conditional Structures

Conditional Clause If
Imagine (that)
Supposing (that)
Suppose (that)
Assuming (that) structure Conditional 2 is used for unreal or hypothetical situations.
The structure is:
"If" clause + simple past
Main Clause + would, could, might + inf
You usually begin an unreal conditional clause with 'if' when you are making questions. For example: If you won the lottery, would you share it?

Here are some other alternatives... Unreal Conditional structures Unit 8 - level 8 - Iteso Main clause what would + S + infinitive?
where could + S + be + present participle?
how might + S + have + vpp?

...what would you say?
...where could you be living?
...how might she have reacted?
You can make different combinations. Change "if" for another alternative... If you were travelling to Italy, which...?
If you were to go on a date with Johnny Depp, where...?
If you could change one aspect in your body, what...?
If you could study next semester in another country, which ...?
If you were a millionaire, who....?
If a dog might arrive to your doorstep, what...?

Assuming... Book practice. Take a look at your Student's Book page 85... other alternatives Unreal Conditional + Subject + simple past
past progressive
were to + infinitive
past perfect
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