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Hamilton's Financial Plan

Hamilton's Financial Plan was an important first step in our country's beginning.

Ryan Haberek

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of Hamilton's Financial Plan

Hamilton's Financial Plan The Financial Plan Bellringer Republicans Vs Federalists The Plan to Fix America's financial problems and the man behind it What was the Purpose behind Hamilton's Financial Plan? What's one interesting thing you read about Hamilton's life? 1.

Honor All debts in Full What was the condition of the US Economy in 1790? 2. Have you ever heard on Alexander Hamilton? If so, Who is he? 2. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of The Treasury. He came up with a plan to fix the nation's debt problems which was very controversial to some americans at the time. 1. The country was in massive debt. A majority of the debt was in the form of bonds.

Bonds were certificates issued by the government which promised payment to those who bought the Gov't bonds.

Both Americans AND Foreigners invested in the to help the war effort. Led by Thomas Jefferson
People in power
Strong state government
Strict interpretation of the Constitution
Opposed the National Bank
Opposed protective tariff
Led by Alexander Hamilton
Wealthy and educated
Strong central government
Manufacturing, shipping and trade
Loose interpretation of Constitution
Favored National Bank
Favored protective tariff
A National Bank TARIFFS!!!! Tariffs: A tax on imported Goods Vocab Words: Tariff
Import This was the first National Bank of the US. So Who was Alexander Hamilton? Turn To NB pg. 10 Front:
"Republican vs Federalists"
Turn to NB page 8 front:
"Hamilton- March to Greatness" Conclusion
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