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newfoundland and labradour

No description

tyler farough

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of newfoundland and labradour

wear i plan to stay things to do currency exchange food and places to eat climate newfoundland geting there sorter winters warmer summer st john's air canada #7748 depar time 6:00am arri time 1:33pm home-2:20pm-11:59pm sheraton hotel 115 cavendish square signal hill see the sea take a hike wouldnt need to exchange currency
st johns fish a chips st johns newfoundland cuisine pi gourmet eatery cabot tower
iceberg quest boat tour visit fort amherst visit south side hills bowring park busker festival safety concerns death obviously casue ther is alot of drop off cliffs
dieseises like hepititas
average stuff like flu or cold
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