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First Nations InThe Seven Years War

No description

7E Class

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of First Nations InThe Seven Years War

First Nations in the Seven Years War
The Result....
The First Nations were unhappy with the outcome of the seven years war.They had traded with the French extensively but the British did not consider them useful. And then what made the First Nation's angry is when the American and British settlers moved onto their land. That's when Pontiac, the chief of Ottawa temporarily united tribes from the Great Lakes to fight with the British to build a single aboriginal nation in the interior of North America. -
The Fight
The fighting was very brutal the First Nations mostly targeted the civilians (non-soldiers).The British allegedly sent smallpox infected blankets to the First Nations. Pontiac`s coalition eventually were defeated and divided, but it had a effect on the British policy.
The Policy
King George III Ends British Military Rule, begins civil rule
that the settlers are not allowed to move west of the Appalachian Mountains (reserved for the First Nations)

Even though the First Nations did not participate as much in the seven years war they did change a policy which gave them more freedom.
What Happened...
Even though the First Nations were a part of the Seven Years War they did not participate as much as the British or the French.
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