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Physical Characteristics of Bayraklı

No description

Zeynep Korsacılar

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Physical Characteristics of Bayraklı

Physical Characteristics of Bayraklı
Bayraklı is one of the most intense area of shanty town settlement. Within this context in pilot area of 60 hectares will be constructed under the urban renewal project.

Bayraklı is Izmir’s second largest acreage district.
• The area also has height of 4-5 floors in main artery; in other parts it has 2 floor structures.

• The ground floors of the structures (local business owners, cafes, small markets etc.) are planned for commercial purposes; upper floors are planned for housing. Two floored structures are functioned as only housing.

• Bayraklı subway and Sevgi Yolu are mostly crowded places of the area. Smyrna is one of the highly demanded places in the area.
Izmir is named after Historical Smyrna City where it was located in the centre of Bayraklı.
Industry - Services
• Bayraklı’s identity decreased over the years. Within the decrease in industry, trade and service sectors became prominent.

• Izmir Courthouse building strengthened the “new centre” identity of the Bayraklı district.
Nolli Map
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