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Springfield Public Transportation

Ozarks News Journal

Sarah Howard

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Springfield Public Transportation

Alternative Transportation
in Springfield Lose the car! Public
Transit Biking Walking Ozark
Greenways The Ozarks Greenway Trails provide 60 miles of trails. Ozark Greenways provide city maps that alert bikers to lower traffic areas and enable people to commute safely. They also sponsor Bike to Work Week May 16-20. MSU has won the challenge twice! " bike to work week challenges people to get creative. You can combine to take the bus you can not drive at all by staying at home." Public Bus -Lori Tack, Ozark Greenways Bike Culture The city is working to be more bike-able. Until then, you can utilize bike racks on the bus and combine transportation methods. "I used to bike to work more when I lived a mile away, now I live too far so I try to work from home instead. Terry, our director bikes to work all the time. -Lori Tack, Ozark Greenways There is a variety of public transportation methods availabile! The Safe Route to School program is a national effort. Thre major Ozark Greenways trails have at least one, if not two, schools on them. Go-Green
Pedicabs Local business providing bicycle rickshaw services to downtown Springfield and the surrounding area. Contact Free, tips only.
Save on gas.
Friendly, fun drivers.
Works every week.
Can be hired for events.
Now delivering for Price Cutter. 417.664.1501
Or just flag one of the guys down! Springfield's bike culture is on the rise with advocacy groups, multiple bicycle shops and programs, bike lanes, and growing number of cyclists too. I think that it has a lot of potential. Right now it is pretty good but it could get a lot better, and the more I see it change it’s always for the better -Jeff Anderson, Queen City Cycles Bike Shops A&B Cycle
Cycles Unlimited
Dynamic Earth
Global Fayre
Queen City Cycle
Springfield Bicycle Company
Sunshine Cycle It’s definitely starting to blow up and just bikes everywhere are starting to blow up, so I think Springfield is about to catch up with everybody else in the United States. I definitely believe it is improving and can only get better. Jeff Anderson, Queen City Cycles "[The Safe Route] focuses on the fact that it is important to get kids outside and exercise. Walking to schools is a great way for kids to excercise." -Lori Tack, Ozark Greenways Named "Hot Eco-Friendly Transportation" on GO Magazine's "Hot List of 2009." The public transit provides
25 30-foot buses on 14 routes “I believe many of the folks that ride public transit today are able to be more independent because of the bus system. Some of them may not have a car, and so it may be their only means of transportation.” -Carol Cruise, Direct of public transit According to transit documents, 1.4 million passengers rode the bus in 2010, which decreased by 4.68 percent from the previous year. The bus fare is $1.25 for adults, 60 cents for elderly and $1 for students 5 years old to 18 years old. “I want people to know that [buses] are a safe form of transportation. Safety is something that we emphasize within our department probably just right under customer service.” -Carol Cruise, Direct of public transit Each bus accommodates disabled passengers through the low floor feature, which means the driver can lower the front door to the curb. Buses also have two wheelchair stations. Access Express Bus Springfield's public transit has five 22-foot blue buses that make up the paratransit express route The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires a complementary transportation system for people that cannot access the fix-route system. "The drivers actually go to that person's home or wherever they are beginning their trip and take them anywhere they need to go within the city limits of Springfield." she said.

-Carol Cruise, Direct of public transit The fare is $2.50 each way Why Ride Public Bus 'It's cheep. It only cost about 10 dollars a week to get where you need to go." "It's no pressure to get a car in springfield plus it's Enviromentally Friendly." "Missouri State University has close to 26,000 People on Campus. But they only have about 900 parking spaces. TLC shuttles provide a safe way for tenets To Go MSU, OTC, and Dury with out the Hassle" Antoinette Dunn, Senior,Missouri State University Tiffani Mclemore, Senior, Missouri State Universty Jacob Harvey, Public Relations Directors of TLC Properites
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