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Diesel Only the Brave

Perception and Packaging

Usman Khaliq

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Diesel Only the Brave

Diesel Only the Brave Diesel Advert Diesel Only the Brave is marketed to a specific type of male. The brand image, advert and packaging and name throw out a very masculine feel. The name Only The Brave is a sort of buzzword, meaning it puts out ideas in the customers head on what type of person wears it. The Method Behind the Madness Overview Diesel Only the Brave is a fragrance for Diesel aimed at the male market. the primary Target are Males between the ages of 18to25 It's all in the Packaging What sort of person would wear Diesel Only the Brave?

Young Males
Badass (or think they are anyway) The style of the actual bottle is a clenched fist, which perfectly conveys the brand image, which is a manly, devil-may-care brand, for manly, devil-may-care customers.
the designs very unique, and stands out from the selves,which distinguishes it from the competition
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