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Sergey Aleksentsev

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of MUM

TECHNOLOGY!!! IT ROCKS!!! I AM BORED MUM is somewhere nearby......... Did you know that Sergey is so pro that he lost your MUM? Yes he is veery pro even more pro than YOUR MUM!!! This is the best prezi that was evaarrr!! made Massimo agrees that my presentation is better than his Kun Woo and Bum Jin also agree that I rock and I am the best Massimo sais he hates me verry much VEERRYY MUCH But I dont care Yo Eminem ROCKS South Park is the best I bet u didnt see this message before Well, Im outta of ideas so... GOOD BYE and I hope you enjoyed my prezi POWER POINT SUCKS PREZY ROCKS THE END
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