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Non-Loco FuelQuest Supplier

No description

Matt Larseingue

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Non-Loco FuelQuest Supplier

FuelQuest Training

How to enter an invoice
Check for payment status
How to enter an invoice
Intro to Using the

If you can't find the invoice using the number, try using date ranges or alternative filters to find the invoice.

If something needs to be changed, you can edit the invoice directly, you do not have to credit/rebill the invoice.

Enter User ID and Password
Select the appropriate vendor name from the drop down
Pro Tips
If you can't find the exact number you are looking for, you can also search a date range you think might include the invoice
Always check the Supplier Portal before contacting BNSF about payment status; this is more efficient for both parties and will give us more time to help you with more complicated issues
Pro Tips
Choose correct vendor number from the drop down
Payment Inquiry
To search for payment details, click "payment inquiry"
To search, input the invoice# and dates and hit 'payment details'
To export the data to Excel, click "Export to Excel File"
A pop up will appear; click "Open" to view the table in Excel
Invoice Inquiry
Type in invoice number or date range for best results
Then click 'invoice inquiry'
click on one of the invoice ID's to see payment details below
Select supplier from drop down
Enter invoice number manually into this field
Choose BNSF from the drop down
Choose Date from drop down
Choose BNSF from the drop down
How to edit an invoice
Click on Items/Charges/Documents tab
choose destination from the drop down
choose supply terminal from drop down
choose product from drop down
Enter gallon amount
Enter Price per gallon
Enter Net Days
Enter Due Date
(or select from drop down)
Amount will
automatically populate
Enter a description of the tax/fee
Pro Tips
Gallon amount cannot include decimals, so please round to the nearest gallon

Let the invoice amount automatically calculate

Enter Gallon amount, extended price, or hours of wait time, whichever is appropriate for the tax
Enter Price
Let the amount
populate automatically
Enter the appropriate tax code
Enter the FuelFinder Transaction ID in this box.
Hit the 'save button'
How to edit an invoice
Select 'Maintain Fuel Invoice'
Type in invoice number
Hit 'Search'
Choose the correct invoice and click on the invoice number
Select Items/Charges/Documents
Edit any field, then press save
Enter Location of fueling
Always enter a tax code: a missing tax code will cause the invoice to error in our system and could delay payment.

Get blue bubble
Clearer picture
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