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Self Introduction

No description

Fonda Portales

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Self Introduction

Fonda Portales
An Introduction to the Instructor
I love to find connections between cultures of the past and my current culture.

I love people's stories as they are told through manipulated objects.

I love to travel, and when I cannot, I find that studying material culture allows me to dream of traveling.

I enjoy the conversations of online students as they learn from each other.
I am [teaching] this class because...
I started tap dancing lessons last year. When I was a child, my parents could not afford classes, so as an adult, I have given myself this gift.
I threw myself a Quinceañera for my 35th birthday.
I collect figurines of Ix Chel, the Mayan moon goddess
I was a deckhand (I threw lines) on a ship traveling from Baja, Mexico to Alaska's Inside Passage. If you want to learn how to tie a ship up to a bollard, I am happy to show you :)
You may not know this, but...
is extensive. I have taken online courses, and I have taught a variety of online courses for several years.

Online courses are GREAT for collaboration and group learning.

But whew! They are not easy, to teach or to learn in. Online courses require discipline, time management, and a willingness to be flexible. If you have an idea that this course will be easy or will require less time than a traditional class, you should review the schedule and the syllabus.
My experience with online learning...
Me in Itzamal, Yucatan, Mexico on the pyramid of Kinich Kak Mo
Thank you for watching my presentation. I look forward to "meeting" you all as well.

Please, enjoy the class, keep up on your assignments, and teach each other well :)
I would define art as an act, composition, or object that is intentionally imitative (of a tangible form or an abstract concept) and made for the purpose of a "higher cause"--to please the gods, imitate nature, to manifest an idea, to arouse an audience. Art is almost always meant to be received. And so the audience must be examined as vital to the creation of the art piece. Historically, "art" is rarely expressive.
I am addicted to traveling and try to study abroad every chance I get. One of my favorite places to study is Mexico, especially the ancient sites of sacred cosmology.
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