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Final APD Presentation

The Food Chopper Redesign

Shane Butler

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Final APD Presentation

Food Chopper Redesign -
Final Presentation University of Colorado at Boulder
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Product Design
Professor Rentschler
Manufacturing the Choppa
Huge Market Opportunity Consumers want choppers that are:
Easy to Clean
& Enjoyable to Use
The Revolutionary Design Ergonomic form

Adjustable rotation

Sharpenable, slicing blades
Solingen™ steel
Designing the Choppa
Final Prototype (IDEO article) led to budget overruns -(So did the HM Aero Chair)
The Choppa's Bright Future Profit by targeting two markets:
Time-crunched cooks
Chefs with hand pain Eric Kramer
Martin Sotola
Owen Smith
Shane Butler However current retail choppers:
Dull Quickly
Jam Easily
& Cut Irregularly
Specifications for Success
Brainstorming Brainstormed ideas tested for feasibility in SolidWorks

Assemblies with moving parts optimized

Input into manufacturing software for cost analysis Rapid proof-of-concepts enabled quick analysis of each design

Evaluated for effectiveness, manufacturability, and durability

Adjusted designs based on consumer feedback to the prototypes of low and middle-income families prefer to prepare a healthy meal at home, from scratch, 4 nights a week! The New York Times: The Opinion Pages. "Wait. So People are Cooking?" February 2012 Questions and References

Special Thanks: Jim Cezo
Colorado Plastic Products
JB Weld
ITLL 3D printing staff 3D Printed - part complexity prevented machining a prototype
Top half of the casing Welding Laser Cutting Machining Heat Treating Design improvements achievable with alternate materials:
High durability
Smooth and silent action Successful at:
demonstrating variable rotation
blade slicing action
improved cut pattern
increased ergonomics Resource limits prevented demonstrating:
improved smooth action
increased durability "Creeping Elegance" -IDEO picture here picture here picture here picture here Polycarbonate Encasement Nylon Shuttle Solingen Stainless Steel Blades Personalized "skins" to improve consumer perception Acrylic - Lasercut flat pieces
bottom half of the casing through stacked rings
Food containing segment
Mounting rings for shuttles Knife-like cutting

Precise Dice
Mince settings


Comfortable Santoku-style blades

Slicing motion

Adjustable Rotation/Cut

Removable & Sharpenable

Ergonomic Outer Casing & Plunger
CAD Modeling http://endlessplastics.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/polycarbonate.jpg
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