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Applied Culinary Math

No description

Monica Hernandez

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Applied Culinary Math

Applied Culinary Math
Measurement & Conversions
Quantity Modification
Costing of Ingredients
Menu Pricing
Desired yield / Original yield = (RCF)
If the original recipe serves
2 and you need 150 servings.
150/2= 75 is the
Recipe Conversion Factor
All ingredients are multiplied by 75

Formula for Recipe Conversion Factor
Measurements and Conversions
Quantity Modification
Costing of Ingredients
Menu Pricing
Recipes may need to be modified
Increasing or decreasing.
Desired yield / Original yield=Recipe Conversion Factor (RCF)

Total costs spent on food products in a restaurant.
A step before you start evaluating your menu product.


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