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Katrina Arnell

About me

Katrina Arnell

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Katrina Arnell

My Name is Katrina Arnell,
and I'm 16 years old.

I'm the second oldest out of 6 kids
and I live in Cedar City, Utah.
I love spending my time reading and studying.
I am passionate about my faith...
I love spending time outside! The outdoors have repeatedly given me the chance to reach out of my comfort zone and improve myself.
I love spending time with friends...
I've been a Williamsburger since spring 2012 and one of my favorite things about the school is elevation!
I'm passionate about the preforming arts and have been in
many plays, musicals, and concerts.
...and going to fun places like Disneyland.
I love photography and I hope to be a professional photographer some day. I also hope to attend BYU Provo after I graduate High School.
I'm taking this class so that I can become a better writer, and because I love photography. I'm so excited about working with so many amazing people, and I hope I get to know all you all a little better!
Photo by me :)
Why I am taking this class

1) I need to take some foreign language classes if I want to get into BYU.
2) I think Spanish is beautiful, and I want to be able to speak it like my dad.
3) I believe in being well rounded in my education, and I know the studying another language will surly benefit me during my life.
Photo by me :)
Fitness for Life

I want to create better exercising habits and learn how to better take care of myself. I'm also taking this class because I need the credit :)
Photo by me :)
Before I started WA, I'd been home schooled for most of my life. I also studied in homeschooling groups and participated in a couple private and charter schools. I'm currently part time at WA and part time at the local public high school. Basically, my education has always been very important to me, and my parents and I have jumped through many hoops to find me the best schooling opportunities available :)
...and music and dance
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