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Scott Stirling

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Windmills

The Renewable Energy Source: Wind Energy Thank you for
watching my presentation Wind Turbines are good because they are totally renewable. They do not pollute like most energy sources. They are good for the environment and people should use them more often. Credits Drafted by: Scott

Hosted by: Prezi

Pictures found by: Scott

Assigned by: Mrs. Boel

Edited by: Scott

Proofread by: Scott's mom

Layout by: Scott

Music by: The Black Eyed Peas

Music chosen by: Scott

Video by: Hot Spot Productions

Produced by: QSIB and Scott I hope you enjoyed my presentation Windmills have bean
used for hundreds of years.
They were first used for
grinding corn or grain,
and for pumping water. Wind Turbines are like pinwheels. They work
the same way. But today's windmills (called wind turbines) generate electricity. This is how it works:

First the wind blows on the blades turning it like a wheel, then the blades turn a turbine which generates renewable energy, then the electrical energy generated goes through a wire down the pole. Then it is stored in a large battery. The only downside is many birds die because they fly and get hit by the blades. People even have jobs for cleaning up the bird mess!
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