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Protecting the environment

environment and ecosystem

Montaña Padilla

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Protecting the environment

An Ecosystem is made up of all the Living things and the Physical environment Terrestrial environment Nutrition in Ecosystems Environment Problems Citizens and governments the most important factors are
climate, soil conditions and the terrain Producers like Plants and algaes Polution
Global warming
Loss of biodiversity Save water
Save eletricity
Save fuel
Use waste recycling bins
Respect fauna and flora Protecting the environment Population Comunity Habitat Aquatic environment The most important factor is the salinity Consumers:
Primary consumers: Herbivorous
Secundary consumers: Carnivores
Tertiary consumers: Carnivorous that eat secundary consumers
Predators: like Lion
Scavergers: like Voltures
Parasites: like Mosquitoes FOOD CHAIN Show how the species are connected to
one another by their food relation FOOD WEBS Are better at showing how plants and animals are interconnected for various food chains DESCOMPOSERS Are bacteria and fungi that descompose
de remains of living things, animals and plants Montaña Padilla Falcón
October 2012
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