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Hurricane Frances

Geography Project

Ben Vince

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Frances Liberty, Ben, Joel, Tom & Charlie Geographical Information Effects of Frances Management & Future Management Future By Liberty, Ben, Tom, Charlie and Joel Because of the devastating effects of Hurricane Frances, the name Frances was retired in 2005 for any future tropical cyclones. Damage Economical Social Community Impact 49 people died from the cyclone Path of
Hurricane Frances Landscape Effects Tornadoes led to severe rain and flooded parts of North Carolina & Florida Wind speeds and
Category information The wind speeds of Frances were around 145mph at the highest, sustained for at least a minute Frances first landfall was on the Bahamas (archipelago) and swept across the Caribbean, affecting Puerto Rico and the British Virgin islands After this Frances continued onto Florida for the first US landfall before moving briefly to the Gulf of Mexico Moving back to the Florida panhandle, Frances raced through the north east of the USA, sweeping up to Atlantic Canada before dying out Along the way, Frances continued to weaken whilst spawning tornadoes and heavy rainfalls It was a category 4 hurricane The damage was worth about $12 billion This affected crops and therefore many businesses had worries The whole agricultural economy of the Bahamian archipelago The citrus groves in Florida were destroyed Because of the high loss of money after repairing crops and losing businesses, many states in the US were economically affected It took several years to overcome the costs There were many losses of areas that included homes, businesses and farms The NASA vehicle assembly building was damaged, which was a considerable percentage loss Many wooden houses were destroyed, and many hotel reservations canceled - this lead to homelessness The Unified Command system was used for the first time after Hurricane Charley Merged state and federal response teams worked together to overcome problems The USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) distributed tarpaulin over the top of 41,556 damaged roofs statewide. 200,000 gallons of water needed to be distributed by 600 volunteers, Asheville in North Carolina determined they needed about $14million to cover the costs of damage
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