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Roman Gods

No description

Yeimi Montano

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Roman Gods

Roman gods were adopted from the Greek culture.
The Greek and Roman Gods are the same just with different names.

Roman Gods
Roman Mythology is a combination of rituals and beliefs. It's a mixture of influences of Latin and Greek culture.

The Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses, they had a god or goddess for everything imaginable.
The Romans had a collection of gods, this collection is called Pantheon.
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Gods and Goddesses
God of the Underworld.
Hades is his Greek name.
Pluto is his Roman name.
King of the Gods.
Zeus is his Greek name.
Jupiter is the Roman name.
Goddesses of Love.
Aphrodite is her Greek name.
Venus is her Roman name.
Greek gods had beautiful bodies and were gorgeous.

Roman gods appearance did not matter. The people use their imagination.
Greek Vs Roman
Gods and the Planets
Planets were named after gods and goddesses
Tradition continued.



By Yeimi D. Montaño
The End
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