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Creating a Government on Mars

No description

Joaquin Lopez

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Creating a Government on Mars

Buscempire of Mars
By Alejandro M Joaquin L. Nick N. Taylor C.

In order to create a better world for humanity on the Red Planet Mars, we institute a government to protect the natural rights and promote the ideals of it’s citizens, as per the philosophers of John Locke, and a government of checks and balances inspired by the writings of Montesquieu in order to protect the people from the corruption of absolute power.

Passing Laws
Dukes (21)
+ Court (11 Per Duke)
Regional Representative
Regional Rep
Dukes + Court
People's Rights
No person shall ever be stuck in indentured servitude to another person or organization.
People have the right to vote for members of the government and propose laws.
Freedom of speech on any platform.
Right to raise complaints to the government.
Right to a fair and speedy trial.
Right to travel between sectors freely.
Right to spend and receive money as they wish.
Freedom of religion.
Right to knowledge and free basic education for all.
Freedom to all information, no censorship.

(lifetime) - Facilitates World Council (gathering of Dukes) meetings.

(5 years) - Figurehead for sectors. Represents the needs of their respective sectors. Raises larger issues to the World Council for voting by other Dukes.

Duke’s Court
(2 years) - Advises and keeps Duke in check. Hears and passes laws.
Oversees the policing force.

(2 years) - Hears the raised concerns from Commoners. Presents potential laws to the Duke’s Court. They can’t make decisions on their own, as everything they do needs to be suggested by Commoners first.

- The average citizen on Mars. Can make petitions in order to change or propose laws the the Lord of their province.

Ideas for Laws are initially presented by the Commoners. They must draft a law (or a proposal for a law to be changed) and then receive documented support through a petition. When the petition has the required amount of signatures, the law is then sent to the Lord of the province to be sent to the Duke’s Court.

There is one Duke/Sector of Security, 101 Knight-Lords, and 2,000,000 Enforcers.The Sector Chief oversees police of sectors. While the Knight-Lord elects Sector Chief from within and oversees Enforcer Department. There is one enforcer per 500 Commoners, they elect knight-lords from within.

1 Duke/Sector of Security
101 Knight-Lords
2,000,000 Enforcers
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