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Narrative Writing Structure

No description

Lauren Ruth

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of Narrative Writing Structure

Narrative is the telling of a story
Short stories, poems, songs, novels, personal, fictional
Contains a beginning, middle, and an end
The Beginning
Begin with a "grabber" or "hook" to catch your reader's attention
Describe scene
Introduce characters
Develop story with at least one specific incident or happening
Keep your happening in the correct order for time
Include descriptions
Here is where your action takes place
A conversation might work (dialogue)
Good place to include humor or figurative language

Bring story to a close, referring to events in the story for continuity
Wrap it up with a satisfying ending, a zinger, or a humorous comment to leave your reader with a feeling of completion
What about the length?
Stories range in length
What is the story you want to tell?
Are you writing a trilogy? If so, your ending may leave the reader hanging intentionally.
Point of View
First person: I, me, we, they
Third person: they, he, she, it
Third person omniscient: ALL KNOWING
What is a Narrative?
Narrative Writing Structure
What is Narrative Writing?
Story elements:
Conflict: internal/external
Rising Action

Story Elements
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