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Virginia Rometty

Powerful Women Presentation MGMT 306

Rachael Haxton

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Virginia Rometty

Virginia Rometty
•One of few women to study computer science
•Learned to program computers using IBM punch cards
•Turned to Craig Berman, fellow class-mate, for tutoring
Exchange: dinner at the sorority house
•Berman now Vice President at Jeffries & co. (JEF)
•Describes her as quiet, focused, always early, organized, and had good advice

- Single mother

- Not graduated from college

- Raised four children
Her biggest influence: mother
- Take risk
- Biggest mistake: you don't learn from your mistake
- Diversity Inclusion, both men and women
- Include everyone as a team from inside
- Speak up: stick up for what you believe in
- Be confident
- "Growth and comfort do not coexist"
Leadership style

- "Actions speak louder than words ...I will forever be grateful to her" - Ginni Rometty

- Nothing is insurmountable

- Define yourself
First female CEO in IBM’s 100-year history
"50 Most Powerful Women in Business" for eight consecutive years, ranking #1 for 2012

Connected to 22 board members in 2 different organizations across 6 different industries.
•Graduating Class of 197
•B.S. degree in Computer
Science & Electrical
Engineering with high honors

•Interned GM her junior and senior years and afterwards
was offered a job

Doesn't have children
Working belief
Think long term


"I believe that the idea of strategic beliefs may be more important than strategic planning when thinking about how you keep the long view"

"If you can agree amongst the firm for the future,
some really big arcs of change"
•Virginia Nicosia (maiden name)
•Oldest of four children raised by single mom outside Chicago
•Arrived Northwestern University 1975
•Had summer jobs and was on scholarships and loans
•Pledged Elite Sorority: Kappa Kappa Gamma
•Senior Year: Sorority President
First female CEO of IBM

During her ascent, she oversaw the
integration of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting,
Age: 55
Net Worth: $25
Annual Salary: $1.5 million
•Attended Northwestern on a General Motors (GM) Scholarship

•Met husband, Mark Rometty, now an oil futures investor at GM

•Both enjoy scuba diving, Broadway shows, and golfing
near Bonita Springs Fla
helping IBM build a staff of more than 100,000 consultants.
This $3.9 billion deal was IBM’s largest deal ever at the time.
Promoted to senior VP in 2005, and she boosted profit 42% in her first two years on the job
During her three decades at IBM, she became known as a polished executive
who can close a sale, expanding relationships with companies ranging from
State Farm Insurance Co. to Prudential Financial Inc.
and Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO Meg Whitman.
magazine (2012), ahead of PepsiCo Inc. CEO Indra Nooyi
Named the most powerful woman in business by Fortune
Motto- "Stay Fresh"
She doesn't believe in the inevitable
"You have to be very confident, even though
you're so self critical inside about what it is you
may or may not know."
Ginni's approach transitions into her risk taking/decision making
"People are their first worst critic and it
stops them from getting another experience."
Corresponding Concepts
Changing the future of women
"Virginia Rometty has a wife."
Don't Underestimate the Quiet Ones
Not only a success but is recognized for sharing her leadership philosophy
The era of cognitive computing, where
computers start to learn rather than just
being programmed, is starting
Augusta National
"Fear of Success"
65% of IBM's profit
Success through innovation
Following her graduation from Northwestern in 79' she went to work for General Motors

Began her career with IBM in Detroit, MI in 81' as a systems engineer.

30 year veteran of IBM.
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