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No description

Dusty Hugaboom

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Mindset

Are people born smart or talented?
Cut from the varsity basketball team
Repeated a grade in elementary school, placed in the LOWEST division of the LOWEST class.
Coach said he was average
Failed most of the entrance exam for a college
If they weren't born smart or talanted, what happened?
Could it be their "mindset"...their beliefs in their ability and their learning?
Fixed mindset
Growth mindset RULES
Intelligence is a fixed trait...in other words, you can't really get any smarter.
Intelligence can be trained.
The brain is a growth organ, in other words, you CAN get smarter.
Fixed mindset RULES:
1. Look smart at ALL costs
don't try anything new or hard
cheat, lie

1. Learn, Learn, Learn
2. It should come naturally, if I have to work hard I am not smart
Growth mindset
2. Work hard, effort is the key !
3. Hide mistakes and conceal deficiencies
3. Confront deficiencies and capitalize on mistakes
Fixed mindset GOALS:
*They believe a persons potential can be measured. They aim to receive validation from others.
**Recieving low grades mean that they are not smart.
***Both success and failure cause ANXIETY.
Recovering from failure
Fixed mindset students have no recipe for recovering from failure (bad grades, etc...)
So they tend to:
Give up
Blame others
Try to feel superior in some other way
Growth mindset GOALS:
Mastery and COMPETENCE
Grades show how people are doing NOW and do not measure a persons potential.
Creating goals for LEARNING has shown to INCREASE PERFORMANCE and enjoyment and decrease negative emotion.
Strategies fixed mindset people use:

They keep using the same wrong strategy to solve a problem
Then they disengage (they stop thinking so hard about it)
Then, they give up
What are some "strategies" (ways) to solve problems or study?
Strategies growth mindset people use:
Growth mindset people tend to generate new and other ways to do things
If one route doesn't work, they'll try others.
They will think "outside the box" to solve the problem because they BELIEVE they CAN.
 Do not pay attention to learning information
 Get depressed, lose self-esteem
 : Say to themselves ‘I am stupid’, they’ll think
 Under-represent past successes and over-represent failures (I never do things right)
 Explain the cause of events as something stable about them. (I am ALWAYS this way!)
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