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Digital Footprints

No description

Marci Harrel

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Digital Footprints

Digital Footprint
Follow the trail...
Social media
uploading videos or digital images
forum registrations
what others say about us
What is it?
The trail, traces or footpring that people leave online; leaves traces of personal information available to others.
What is it?
The trail, traces, or "footprints" that people leave online; leaving traces of personal information available to others.
We are talking about
reputation management.
Our job as teachers is to help students understand that their digital decisions stay with them forever.
Click here to watch a video.

Ask students what they hope their impression on the world will be in five years; ten years; twenty years.
Ask them what their digital footprint would say about them right now.
Watch this video.
Help students build a positive digital footprint with the projects you do in your classroom.
Create a wiki to raise awareness about an issue
Blog about a community service project your student or class is doing.
Create a class video project on a relevant subject.
A good resource for elementary students:

Here's some interesting statistics...


Is there anything online that you wouldn't want your parents or teachers to know (or see pictures) about you?
Do students really understand that their digital decisions today will be with them forever?
What are ways we can help students create a positive digital footprint?
A sample lesson plan
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