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reality fair

No description

julian pyrzynski

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of reality fair

by: julianpyrzynski this is what i got in the survey:
science, technology, engineering, and math, score: 106.25
information tecnology, score: 87.5
manufacturing, score: 75 obviously my career choice was scietific research and development services.
if you dont remember here you go. back to the other thngs in the slide show.
next is why i chose it. over there so follow the arrows... again... now i chose this career not just because of what you can do but also the money you earn. This job can help many people in the future which is one thing i would like to do not the helping of the people they can defend them selves... but like making things that help in the future.

NEXT! Education/training needed. Bachelors degree. engineering needed. skills in math skills in science able to use items such as:
test tubes
chemicals ect.
carving tools
Job outlook. aerospace R&D automotive R&D chemical and material science R&D electronics R&D work for NASA. Make missles. also make space vehicles make cars the vehicles will be more fuel efficent since its going to be for the future. newer engines
works with computers.
able to do things with
robots. learn new things about nano technology.
work with things such as
new products like growing
corn faster can make new medicine REALITY FAIR PROJECT salary daily:
1,269 in a year:
about 84,000 this is what i am going to do for a job:
Scietific research and development services beginer:
about 700 a week Resposibilities of job Workers must continually update their knowledge to retain marketable skills in this industry, which is on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and technology. Biotechnology and other life sciences research will continue to attract research funding and generate employment growth. Overall prospects for scientists and engineers should be favorable, although competition for basic and applied research funding is expected in many fields. Work enviorment Hours. In 2008, workers in scientific research and development services averaged 38.6 hours per week, compared with 33.6 for workers in all private industries. The average for research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences was 39.2, while the average for research and development in the social sciences and humanities was only 33.5. Work environment. Most workers in this industry work in offices or laboratories; the location and hours of work vary greatly, however, depending on the requirements of each project. Experiments may run at odd hours, require constant observation, or depend on external conditions such as the weather. In some fields, research or testing must be done in harsh environments to ensure the usefulness of the final product in a wide range of environments. Other research, particularly biomedical research, is conducted in hospitals. Workers in product development may spend much time building prototypes in workshops or laboratories, while research design typically takes place in offices.

Although there generally is little risk of injury or illness due to the working conditions, certain fields require working with potentially dangerous materials. In such cases, comprehensive safety procedures are strictly enforced.
related careers astro phisysist nuclear phisysist atomic tester scientific nano man now that you understand what you can do and need to do to become a scietific R&D. now back to work. YAY good
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