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XboxOne and Xbox360

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713216 713216

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of XboxOne and Xbox360

The Graphics
On XboxOne the graphics are so much better. On madden 16 the field looks really and the player. Also in the staidem, in the booth's on XboxOne people are in it. The players on the sideline look the same on the feild. On Xbox360 the graphics do not look as good. The field looks nothing like XboxOne. In the booth's there is nothing in it .The players on the sideline Xbox360 look like the 2000-2002 players.
The Population
So many people play on XboxOne. Not that many people play on 360. When I play it takes a while.
The video
Now you can tell that the XboxOne is better. You can see there musiels. Also you can tell the players are always moving.
The Controls
On the XboxOne you can showbout by pressing, A and Lt. You can do so many celibrations before you get in the endzone. Also you can do player lock. That is when you is when you are a player and you can't switch to a different player. And the camera angle is awesome. On Xbox360 you can't showbout or do player lock.
This is all in my own word and this is my not your so do not steel this and say mom, can I get a XboxOne. NO NO NO! You will not say that you make your own.
XboxOne and Xbox360
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