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Winnie Foster

Character Map

erin fisher

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Winnie Foster

Winnie Foster Actions One day Winnie's parents got mad at her.
She decided to run away.
She wandered right into the woods where the Tuck's sping was.
Soon Winnie got so thirsty so she went to take a drink.
Right when Jesse and Miles saw that they kidnapped her and took her to live with them.
Soon days, months, and years went by, and when Winnie's dad found her he took her home.
Before she left Jesse gave her some Spring water, so they could get married when Winnie was older.
In the beginning of the book Winnie found a toad, who became her friend.
Winnie's dog went after the toad!
Soon Winnie gave the toad the water, so that it could live forever. Appearance When I read about Winnie Foster I thought she would look way different.
I thought her hair would be blond not brown.
Her hair was just down, when I thought it would be in pigtails.
I was kinda close when i thought her hair was curly. Her hair was wavy.
I was right about her eye color though, she has brown eyes.
When I saw Winnie in the movie I thought she would be way younger.
I imagined her to be very skinny, wearing a pretty dress, and flats. When Winnie wanted to drink the spring she said "Is that safe to drink?''
She also told Jesse that she was thirsty.
When she got kidnapped she was complaining that she wanted to go home.
When Winnie's dad found her she said ''I didn't get kidnapped I wanted to go there my friends!''
When Winnie was in the woods she was very thirsty.
Then when she got kidnapped she was very sad, angry, and scared.
Then when she was with Jesse she felt happy,inlove, hyper, and dancey. Says Feelings
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