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LSI 311: 9.17.15

No description

Emily Sawyer

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of LSI 311: 9.17.15

LSI 311: 9.17.15
"Mind Mapping" Method
- Exit Ticket Responses
- Reading Questions, did everyone make an account?
- K (know), W (want to know), L (learned: leave blank) Chart about curriculum
- Lesson adaptation
- Baseline assessment location, assessment adaptation
- Client results, group discussion on focus, parent interview questions
- Review upcoming assignments and next week's class
Write the primary idea of the mind map in the center. Use different color notes to differentiate between topics. Use lines and arrows to create branches that connect ideas to each other.
Exit Ticket Responses
Reading Questions
Lesson Adaptation
Baseline Assessments
Working with clients
Having a guide/lesson plans
Using standards
You'll do well, grades 1-5
Layout of client session
Grade level versus ability level
Common core in the classroom
Make lessons vs previously created
Lesson plans with SPED and gen ed
Turn and talk:

What was this article about?
How can this article be applied to the lab?
Ideas from the reading:
"... ability to articulate her thinking..." (34)
"... expected to justify and explain her thinking when solving problems..." (34)
Insert on pg 34: Have students talk it out. You're just there to listen. Give general feedback.
Great learning happens: make connections to prior knowledge, make meaningful engagement (real world), and variety of representations (35)
Look at grade 4 curriculum with small group
Decide how you might adapt lesson to fit time frame
Prepare to share out ideas with group
Number Corner Grade Level
Assessment Guide
View by section
Number Corner Assessments
For student version (no key)

Number Corner Grade level
Teacher Guide
View by section
First month, look for Baseline Assessment and scroll to page
What insight does your survey give you?
What might be important? Where might your focus be?
What additional questions do you want to ask the parent?
For next week (due TUESDAY to D2L):
-Draft your assessment, reflect 1 paragraph
-Create interview questions for parent
(I will review each of these and get back to you if adjustments are needed for Thursday)
Before leaving:
Complete the "L" section of your KWL, writing what you learned today. Please write any additional questions on the index card and turn in on your way out.
Next Week: 15 minutes with parent, 45 with client (intro and assessment), then seminar for planning
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