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Point of View and the Unreliable Narrator

No description

Derek Green

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Point of View and the Unreliable Narrator

Point of View
Unreliable Narrators

Point of View
The vantage point from which the
events of the story are told.
Let's start with a little activity...
I will show you a series of images.
After each image, briefly write down what
you think you are seeing.
How much you see depends on your
Third Person Objective
If the narrator is third person, and can only report what can be observed (actions and dialogue), without describing what any of the characters are thinking or feeling, the point of view is THIRD PERSON OBJECTIVE.
When the narrator is an outsider (he/she is not a character involved in the story), the point of view is THIRD PERSON.
When you see the story from a character's point of view, it is a FIRST PERSON narrator.
When the narrator is an outsider, but can give the reader insight into ONE character's inner thoughts and feelings, the P.o.V. is THIRD PERSON LIMITED.
When the narrator is an outsider who can see everything and knows what any of the characters think and feel, the P.o.V. is THIRD PERSON OMNISCIENT.
NOW, we know that what you know about
the story depends on your narrator's
point of view. Let's try one more activity.
I will play a video, but freeze the screen so
you can only hear the audio. After discussing
what we think is on the video, I will play it once
more so you can see what is actually happening.
Did what the narrator tell you correspond with what actually happened in the video?
is one who is not entirely credible.
Examples of unreliable narrators include narrators who are
compulsive liars
young, naive, or too innocent to understand what is going on
regular people who are prone to have their own biases
Now, think about The Catcher in the Rye.
What is the point of view?
In what ways is Holden Caulfield an unreliable narrator?
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