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The Walt Disney Company

No description

Jennifer Joseph

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company
What Does it Include??
CEO: Bob Iger
Upwards of
Net Worth
Billion Dollars
New Hire--Orientation
-Series of classes:
Background Story/Mission of company
Job Specifications
*All Employees start the same way! (Unites managers + Stage employees )
Lines.. Lines.. and More Lines..
Article by Suanne Kelleher Talks about: How Disney manages its legendary lines!
Former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, suggested [while in an airport security line] that Disney, not the Transportation Security Administration, should manage airport security lines, because “nobody runs lines better than Disney.”
Manage this problem by:
Record how long people are spending in line-
lanyards are given to guests when they enter a line and taken away when they get to the load zone.
Interactive Queue Lines-
Games, Jokes, Story lines, movable objects are added to the lines that they expect to have high frequency as a way to entertain guests and get them truly emerged in the story.
Increase ride capacity -
By changing the timing of the ride, or add on to the ride itself will increase the allowance capacity.
Company Culture:
Consistent Organizational Culture:
A Company Culture in which the company actively defines and teaches organizational values, beliefs, and attitudes
In the Know:
October 16th-- Bob Iger announced that he is writing a book on
leadership and management
for Random House, divulging lessons from his 11 years at Disney.

“It takes a very different kind of leadership to manage a global brand in such a dynamic marketplace, and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with readers,” Iger said Monday in a statement from the publisher. “The experience of managing a company whose primary business is storytelling is a story unto itself.”
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