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5.02 Digestive System

No description

megan harrison

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of 5.02 Digestive System

5.02 Digestive System
Hour 1
Dear journal, in my life of a sugar molecule, there comes a time where I am to be eaten. It seems to me that this, is my time. So far I have been baked into a gingerbread man and the little girl dressed my up with icing. They have plated me with other gingerbread man, (personally, I think I look better.) It seems to be night time and I have been here for quite a while. WAIT! Some big guy dressed in red just showed up! He is looking at me with gleaming eyes. As he picks me up I feel a little nervous but excited to be the chosen one.
Hour 2
I think this jolly fellow just swallowed me because I'm now going down a slippery slope that I'm pretty sure is his epiglottis, and now the pharynx, and finally into his esophagus. Well that was fu- uh-oh... The nervous system has felt my presence and has signaled acetylcholine to be released. I'm not sure if I’m going crazy, or if the walls of the esophagus are contracting and pushing me down the esophagus. This must be the process called peristalsis. I'm feeling a little claustrophobic, although I think I'm coming to the end of it because I see this flap looking thing that’s called cardiac sphincter.
Hour 7
As of right now, there isn’t much liquid in here anymore. I just heard one of the other sugar molecules said that we should be leaving soon. I feel pressure... I think we are being pushed through! I believe I see a light too! I must go because this is the last part of my journey and I’m minutes away from it!
Hour 5
Hour 3
I am now in the stomach and it’s trying to use muscle contractions to break me down. This is quite painful considering that there are stomach acids such as hydrochloric acid, mucus and pepsin in here. I feel a soupy liquid that’s also known as chyme. I'm probably going to stay here for a while. I need to be able to pass through the small intestine.
Hour 4
It feels like forever going through the small intestine. I was surprised to see that I slid straight through the very small hole of the small intestine. Right now I'm just floating with other fluids that the stomach has released. This slide is very long; I may be here for a couple hours. Not much is happening so I will report more next hour something happens.
Hour 6
Megan Harrison
I’m not sure if I will be heading to the large intestine anymore. All that is happening right now is the water and other soluble vitamins are going into the large intestine. Maybe my time to go will be later on in my journey. Hey! I see my other sugar molecule friends! I think we will make a solid bond don't you think?
I'm in the jolly man’s mouth now, and while he chewing me up I feel moisture, it must be the saliva glands producing its saliva! This must mean I'm in the mechanical digestion stage. I know this because the saliva is physically breaking me down with the help of the tongue and teeth. It’s been a little while now and I think I am going through chemical digestion because the saliva's enzymes are now breaking me down to smaller molecules.
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